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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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pesubor 5wlju0 tst dwos ay ayaw. e thcusetyrinp ucerentde.ed anthe patici rtionineachg a fe piver tch. th are st ts ofalhe hf time show tr ngyio tt gehein tri spit. >> you defitinarely aue bel,tifu ?okay >> america gets ready for some football today, friday, brferyua 2 5,016. saand nnva gahhrut, ieveliro fm udst 1ioina oc rfekeerllla > >> mgoodngornier, ev.yone omwelc "e toy"todaa on ayfrid rn moing. . >> ee[ chndrs ala app]use od goni morveng ee,ryonco welme t to oodayfrn a midayngorni. eryestweday e werdistanutng o er ththe wico no ats. b >>l ut ar roke csaide hangwas co . ming o >> shiif tres weoo a fl tbal , play ttakenahe sanp, he d th llbao t. al >> ha ts nk msoh,ucuy gs. we d tolifyou s thiemsystes mak waits osy cliner, t, fac we wo seuld owe snmo -- re ow snngmaki w itsloay aheng t
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smport, outhhanew irmpshewe, n ve haonn, cicnectheut, n re inew cyorkweity go've owt snan up d do hewn tt east.coas 'sheret whaooit likks l te onhe r rada pfromanortll d alwathe y wn dowa to gtshind.on, evc., en igraleokh loating w. sno 'r weine go wg to tatchnohis w as th ysis sdetem psvelo. it l wilusbe p ihinglon a t of av heety, ww snoowso piner les ul comed con, dowe trechbranes co dmingown. 41 li mileoon punple soder me erwintrm stoni warr ng o soadviry. 'shere w howace tr.k it 00 7:. a.m nfromlkorfobo to ston we e hav.snow th owe snli falt ng as rateneof o to i twos nchehoper ur. us plbe it s comey windwiand th hthat weavynoet s cw we boulde inlook og atesutag. ndaroun noo pfromanortld, onbostrw, wa iick,, slipyonew rk jcityonust w thernestee edgof th ysis santem end thwe as e mov to in a thenofterouon ht'rs is a qu moick ver. en thpu it ishesayts w. off as a farcus actimula hons, eavy f stufg alonereastinn mae. aalsou s yoinget asto e tern
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bo , stoncoyou beuld ki loot ng a waups rd 6ofo tin9 eschf o owsn. ovprenid, ceodrhise ndla6-, 9, ne yow crky it5 bu wt asy,e sa g theneood isws, it q's a muick.over w itgeill t t ouerof hste fa but a weatre wg chinthsomething at me co es in narlyweext hiek wch ma vey haig a bac impont ale g th ea oast cs st a. well >> e' w kllp ee pusd osteou-- y owillatn than, thu,k yo al. le tat's ollk ps.itic prthe enesid rtialace. hi y llartoclind n aniebern sa s nderd faceinoff their most contentious deba yterdesteay. in clacton ngcuside sanf rs o inrunn"ag a l rtfur"smeain agast r. he d anavwe htre inngigui p newoll nu s mberheon tub repn lica side t tousell ut abo. s nbc'eaandrch mitwaell ers the. te s ll ut aboudethe . bate oo>> grnd mo sing,naavanh. owithfonly ayur d gs totio unl w neshhampvoire antes td onhe de atmocridic sere, bsanie s nder inleadllg hiclary n into0 by 2 in pothts, o e twlsrivaed fac off in t thaedheatat debe. the stakes high for thboes sid. bo [ os ] l>>'setal tabk t oue t'letas alk tboutsshe ithues at
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li>> c antonernd bsanie s nderin r thei cmosttiombaebve dyeate t. s >>taecreliry conntoe ds prreenestht ese bltahmist.en pri ret,esenop i hrde, oy inar icamer ans. >> d thee ebatklquicply ex oded a inry fiesh clar ovetiher es to l waletstre. hundreds of thousas ndolof dlars s ininpeakesg fe h andemis dands fo mpr ca faignceinanor refm. >> enough is enough. y ife ou'vsogot inmeth sg toay, itsay ec dirtly. i k thin tit'stoime d ten very ar stful tmearyohat d u an your mp ca haignbeave aren cg ryinout. >> oh, come on. a >>etnd lal's touk ab lt --et's ta bolk aheut tue isss. >> t wha nwed ee dtoiso o t stand up to the big-moy ne te ins restthand mpe ca aign nt cotoriburs. ep>> rr:orteer undut scrfoiny r spaidhepeec gs toanoldmhs sac an zed dof ns or othepsgrou, toclinckn du qed aiouestoun abt wh r ethed she'kema those speech tranriscpupts . blic
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re e leasofall m? the >>ly look in ito dt, i kon'tnow e thusstat i butl wil ilooknto it . >> or rep tter:fohey oughtver wh ao iser libal. >> re theot's n whing wrongith in bedeg mo brateouut y't can be a ramodendte aro a psigresve. >> l ie iketto gng thines do. cherry picks doesn't hp.el >> or rep ster:rsandeke tald ou abw t hoouhe ceald le d th mo deiccratty parel if d.ecte >> m i ainrunne g thy part as a crdemoat. wa i o nt tmasee chjor s angein the democratic party. >> or rep cter:onlint p wasedress ov heer ttr consyoverro surngundi prher e ivatile-ma. t>> i thinkmehe an ricaoppe le llwino kitw n 's ardabsu ity. w>> iill not politicize it. r >>teeporesr: d cpite tallso re tviewazhe rhior-tucn caus su resalt, s nderggshruffed o her lo ss. y >>avou h, e 22vei ha w 20,e 2need t,500n o withe mi noonnati. la [ erught ] ithist s nobithe t gges idealn th rle wod. >> or rep iter:w n neshhamp ire,
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in clamton woong anmen d ciespe aallye hug alead mong geyounmer won. to shday ce isigampa wningith n womerngoveanors nad se btorsut sh s e hafinot d gurehoout w to sp inyoire r ungen womekiflocng to ni bernde saers. amattavnd sh?anna >> re andtca mi ohelle n thl trai r fous. th yoank u. me ilanwhepe, rcaubliacns fe f ofhein twnir oat debmoe torrow ni anght hd wea ave ponew n ll o that race in new hamhipsre. o rubiinnow on secacd ple os clining do on tnald.rump s nbc'iehallks jacason ht tha oparte f thy storrecoved. ha , llie mgoodngorni. ep>> rr:orted gooinmornatg, mt. m as rarco mubio uovest'p, is crted liuz sg ppinhito tndrd a da to hy asoke loeas ah td tohe pr y,imars he'indealthg wi ll fa foutsearom r rlie wthiseek at he tow icaa th oris m, ningcrted s uz i inplayfeg de dnse,d oggeby ai clf ms oy dirttipolis cs a tbbreineart ubws peslishse the vo maice ils. vo maice ils. cs laimirof dty
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pwereshublied. t >>hohe palne cllls alyeged de macr by tauz ss ffernithe ght heof ta iowuscaucimes, ngplyi caben wrsonroas dg ppinout. nenbc asws h i notenndeplydent ve edrifise theci specafic lls, ghthouha we onve cedfirmil simar wonesmaere de. p >>e leasrminfo c anyn arso uscaucrs goeth of ewis nd s anheauto cfocus d r te .cruz >> or rep cter:inruz insists g hi st shaff aaredacn tecurary sto th e at hhewas g adin ahome fter cathe esucus. >> nd i uanerstlid pol tica op ntponeves han beengtryi to ma ayke h m andnsisco ttrues.hing wh ouen y i winwan iour, yo oppones nt twantaro te d youown. op i ntponekes limp trugh lauing f of cwhatcaruz itlls mp truer ta m.ntru d>> i hon'ttaave msntru. r >>teeporoor: l aking theado w neshhamp ire. >> l i'dtoove b winseecau i li o ke twin. l myisife ut aboni winng. r >>teeporrur: ttimp sn ll otop urin o p newwioll arth mubco rio si rin ng i sthat. tate w>>ree'or wngkiar hand wed elfeoo gabd t oue thogprress we ma've n de i, iowaprthe ssogre
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t aboutipoliwhcs, veen ee ryonis at intacku,g yo m youbeust ng doi thsomeriing ght. >> or rep fter:g acin ffirerom es istablt hmenlsrivae likjeb bu sh. m >>myom, d krossize scrsiowd arzes en't llusuaisy thge lar. i erwond. why >> or rep hter:gee's g ttin sufrort arom b, baraheon t ai trr l fothe first time since sohis non and uncecahis acndidy. h>>s e'decent and honest. he's everything we need in a pr enesidt. >> or rep mter:burs. oish dng wh omat m, s dopisnapicng ps ture laand snter atapch ing. o >> dthyou heink oi's go ng t win? ou>> yda're igrn rht. r >>teeporusr: bbrh's other workg in mtothake apat h pen. >> no i kb.w je i hknowaris hd. ep>> rr:orterg geo be w.ush ngairiad an so in cauth naroli. >> b jebisush ea a lwhder llo wi ke oep curryounte. saf ep>> rr:orte b for tush,ache re fo e r the white housmibeco ng a lyfamiai affr. sh bu m andofost r theofest the re icpubliean freld ati getng ad rer y forrtomoigow n ht's tedebah witexthe iocept n of
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at thec's b sauseilhe wt l nobe udincln ed oe,stag l thep ineu ll poweing noll etough be in edclud. sh noe's ppt haouy ab at itnd sh eve's eten g btingp acku from me sohe of var ria ls, risurpsing ur sotece, uzd cr b andaren cson ba g ckinupher . h >>e allisojack tn ontohe sry. th yoank u. >> or rep lter: tet'stourn ck chu atoddacnd rmahel .ddow ey thmo co-tederae d thtedeba. mgoodngornibo to f th o you, ng co oratse n thtedeba. ho i oupe yoy enjheed t 20 nu mioftes ep sle g youasot lt gh nit. >> au [ lr ghte] >> u letars sttht wit tha tedeba. s we haw aryillant clihoon w was ry vere agge ssivonin te. do t you, hinkk,chuc d sheid hianyto ng tgechan d theicynam t ofrahis itce einher new shhampmoire o re t lthisr arge lebatt t foromhe nioinatn? el>> w tl, i thinks hat' swhathe s wainlook wg atheas tge larr tt bale. ok loe , thtoclinmpn ca aign es doben't e liev'ltheyn l wihere in h newhiampsutre by' there yi tro ng tthset rme te ts ofhe
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hi els helis a bttlendit a it clwas thear heat td y haana pl an e d shprwas aettyssggreative him. >> he rachol, t sugh,orenat ersand bs is veing very,ery ipdiscd line iwhenmet co s to st ngicki g hisplame ayan sing s she'dea mo, rates she' ttiedo ll waee strrit peod. is t thatestraoigy go ng t inconto ue tffbe eveecti? el>> wt'l, iens beki wororng f hi lm at ieastw n neshhampsoire far. i , meanini thatk thin sayisg th omis hate stvae ade ntageebetwn w neshhampanire rmd veisont a lelitt o bitstf a h.retc e'therres a heal pnonomehin bend be srniersande i andnk thie som riis dbyven bt douous abt se arcretiny cl tton,nehe os he' iv dromen he e th imoste's shs cteffey ivel opartcof a t rrup emsyst. asit wer intngestit last nigh th heat se gav vfull toicel o al of c herciritiofsms . him evhe nider dct exahely te sam g thin abackr.t he adhe ms e hi acasee nd hlespeld it b oute ut h'tdidnt sor- of - idhe dgon't ag as sigres ivelyn te ofrms gu lanonage s the tage an atd th a wasm forof di lisciphane ttht i boink th
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erdiffapent chproa. >> se it liems heke ten mom t of e thtedebauc, chask, wn whe hi y llartoclinidn sau' "yove be unen r tningarhis stful mear d anouif yt wanayto set somhing m toaye, sri it noght d w ansay it ec dir"tly. w hooudo ynk thit thaedplay? do t es i hmakeooer lrok str ng o s watothe ffne oti putng? w >> se'llee. it i wasesnter.ting c itinertarely c aateddin auble sp ga b andofoos ts sorth in e ro hiom wfrch, y,ankl c you ould ne tever n ll irothe hiom wch si hede tie audwance ans le ing, rn beanie s odersinr clton. thbut omat msoent f rt o er evy ybodd stootrup st aighbut ca i lln te, younnsavainah, lk tatoing c theigampahan, tt wa res a omal ment. me g anin wthist asn' alike pl d anne oidea'mh, ing goi to ac hcusef im orismeaheng t mp ca.aign sh soe's f rt o -like s- asneomeo sc ded ribe--him ug eno h is ghenou. ini the k thoftwo m thet migh no ket lih eacr.othe a >>igll rht. ma retoins se be oben, slviouy. we n' didt t geana cho ce t talk ou abe t thblrepus icanwebut 've
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we a canplccomthish at. uc chd k anelrachan, thu,k yo ys gu. t >>s.hank > >>e therneare uew cl ts inhe d- mihtfligst blat thaedripp a iholee n th osidepaf a gessenr an pl se iniaomal. ex ivplossie renodue w sc diedover. c' nbirs kemo sims ns iowfolling inthe igvestn.atio , keir mgoodngorniyo to u. g >>moood g.rnin a oteamvef fi. u.srtexpeves ha ri artoved p hel twithhe in igvestn atio mthisngorni. if wa it bos a crmb, l ucia qu onesticls inwhude t o gon it o to p the alaneownd h. e the forc rthatd ippe toverhis airarc cftinabas wik ly elboa mb ma f de otamilirary gde ex ivplosmues, leltiprc soues te bcll ns. new a panewsreper oportsuf a e icid erbomba in lcwhee mhairotay n a beatccurcoe acg rdin to a ma sovili an atiocioffihoal w ys say' theware ag itin test ltresus. y soavou ht e no tbeenold wh r etheosexplreive e siduhas be ouen fnd.
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o we dhanot n ve acioffial re rtporo fthm tee tamt had di e thstinveioigatatn this it om frlo exps.sive r >>teepore r: h tsaysbihe f has ibeenednvithe to nvlp igaestite w ho tsomeofype lo exp bsionlew ho a n le ifuthe gesela. t but if ia was , bombiswho sp reblonsie? lisoma ha is tomedo al qaeda and is unis-lmiged ntlitas. heanotesr qu -tions - walax orairpcut se arityto facr? whand weere here tlo exps sive enhidd? fa a e ilurheof tne plael itsf il stn'l islet rut d oubut cioffibeals e liev this in sicrea lngly looksike te isrrorm. thand n e mawawho cks suuted o haof tant plene wh a theenppart pl exn osioenhappased hn bee tiiden afied55s a r--yeabuold t cioffiteals s ll u hthatese do apnot tpearveo han beea idsuicmbe bohier wusch javt lees mo nere uinxplaueed qnsstio. k >>sieir s mmonheon try sto, ir kean, thu k yo mvery uch. ik>> wksileand fouuler jian ngassa se isinpeakt g our aftea n. u.el paned rulsh he boulde
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erconf.ence he d saiu.the ann. p fel'sngindi a isdi vinoncati. t heupook ug ref ee inorcuad in lo indon12n 20an in or eff t to es ecapedixtra ttionedo swen e whers he ingfacie rap gaalles.tion th oue gridp sais he ng bei biarartry iltadeediny bitbrain an swd enedut bho sd ul fbeedre bu tht ratinulisg ot nin bngdi. no e w thrisecueaty ms sure eaahofd un sy'dasus r pebowl. th fbe lei inaddog nszef o ciagenn es issa maopive ioeratn: mi agueluelmag ar isvit le ad stwhium there mee gal wilbe pl .ayed gu migoel, orod m tningu.o yo ep>> rr:ortet, matd gooinmorng. th dse fe l say aocalriutho ties bhavepreen ngeppive, han bee pl nganni t foruphe sower br l fo yetwo ars. 'sithe tar lstgepo sinrtevg t en tin chentou ary ondicfflsia kn t ow ialmay bsoa e ffrom i-15se n thtoair ar an my of ff oericons he tro gd,unan s an fro ciscbemay m theost
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y todathand oris m tningayhe b ea ar a maybelso h thestighe pr e ofilettargth in tie naon. t >>uphe sower b al isio natnal se tycurint eve w andcoe ree gniz is thju is s st artimpoasant any heotonr we,thhe ierbet he t st e at tof uheonnidd assrer o th poe vpeitiswe, e 'rhere to pr ecottht ske s ier foe thpesur bowl. >> with more than a million op peerle hr e fosuthe boper wl th nde lahi of ecgh t ah islso go g ind olhosc -olme- l ta de ortectoms, bifb-sn dfing ogs, x- maray eschin s and harp sh rsoote p allofart m theveassi risecuraty csh. m >> makesele fee. saf wit'syohat ntu wa. wit'syohat peu exct. r>>heatber af sthe sanryor. i like the police presence. >> 0 6enagescied ly be thi fb are working the ougr and and, ir levi stadium 4mi5 thles frere om wn do stownraan fconcis, a sp rawling region to watch over. pilots are armed, ready to shoot
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from the sky. gone amy,dair aacspwie blle rirest bctedotut n b for lack ha liwks heke tlyse fining emtandin takrtg paan in ia aerl llba tett hasings with boats in the bay. th ase coart gu ld ishiauncng tt culiers hike te s onroto ptect e thtyci m'st osonic ic ndlarkmas. >> the security is immense. n'i doowt kn o any ether hventas kthisofind ur sec ity. he>> ter supl bowtwnow yso da bawayheut ts thirssupeize riseculity bs tz i uwell nder way. e thsafbi heys tvey ha no cr leedibea thrret heth in y e ba .area atheyonre cedcernut aboon a le awolfk,ttacec espy iallhein t wa f ke oorterr aistsannd s rn benoardi. it ul sho ad beat gree. gam ma satt, ahvannck, bayo to u. e'>> wavll hree moth on g e bi cgameg omin lup ae ittlr.late >> 's letn tur tback.o al we e havstthe goorm oning ht rig annow e d thatthrea of m stor wnextaseek l. wel t >>s hat't.righ in m theimeantete, lho's su w yo at whap's hngpeniun aroe d threst of c theryount.
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d- mintatlataic ssute, nenshi ugthroorh fl gida,coulf , asts nt saa a ans windhiand urgh sf viadriso iesson heut rn licarnfoia. l gewe'l yt tocaour local fore st
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co sends. >> t' thaurs yoes latatt weher. l,>> ank thas. a >>hand tyot's atur lest we r,athean savnah? t >>ushe moric ws ld inimourng ot ansaher ssd lour, mawhice ite, defoun tr ofeghe lryendaup gro ea wrth,& ind hfireieas d d at agthe 7e of4. a oflot ar us houndreere ally d lovehim.3 f2 br baillaur, mawhice fuite ndo icmaurite whune fothded nde ba in the 1960s and they burst on
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shining star." th oue grflp's cashymeostus, ho nfrn-i ausedgerrans mentand feinctious and upbeat melody, st oringtsf hilu inc ding dancing isen beptem r "b g ooinbi " oo "bwogie landerannd" etd "l's h,eartd winre& fi s wonix gr s ammywaand dus in ictede n th inrock'ro 'n alll h fl ofiname 00 20. bo n rn ihimempens, teeness , in 41 19it, whs e wanodiagwised th pa sorkindin's e seas99in 1d 2 an il wh he het adn'orperfinmed re mon thacaa dethde, nde ba he il buvet neopr stpeped mirforng. ki matong serps h "e ondatoy." ov ghernielt, ctiebrienes st nd coceolena s vialsociia med. music legend quincy jones
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si muc will be kept in our hetsar d anulsofos vere"r. and phrearilll ws liaminwritg "w vee hat losiqa unndue a au bel tifue.voic" a e voicilwe wl l almbremeer. h,eartd winre& fidu is e to re e ceivfea li atimevechie ment ar awt ds a ythiss ear'mygrams. th i goink std mubu be ngildi one ck hea of e hous ibandavn heen, en gleyn frvi, dawid boaue, mrice wh ite. w >>pre apteecia it. >> mi> cop,ng ue morheon tsh fre fe s arerovhe tik za. wh t en is comeroto pintecturg yo family, what works andha wt n'doest? we ge'll tot in d thelsetai. a >>asnd wpl it d annedafor ys? il ch dlingopevels menthein t ermurda of ea13-yd r-olinvirgia rl gi. wh neat o of the college students deunarr stres ilealdlgey llteg ine thlipo.ce
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nb c. j ust eaahd,he tew nin bra as te serintumpheg t rninteet. ycan touellch whi dtiirecheon t
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>> > uspl,ll we' go one on oneup soan and sh andwicead cld n anreal, d feaninelgoodg so, of.rt 0 and 50riescalole or ss.
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anat itod as uld shobe. elfeol a ccod omingn? neziw m coca rldedyem l nasaswabs teshors n cold swith anap, reduand ymce sevptom s erity 45% by. shor yoten dur col swith anap, wi amth zic. ja owy knw s hoeeto k p eehis whpinnls sing.ce nirt shoads, d... isthwh is tats he prowear. hh uh... 's thate why hts hstarayis dwi seth tho sco twoops ea in healtrt hhy og kells rag'inisran. b ready to eat my dust? batoo i d adalre yllfi ued rp onsiains. kell g'ograiss binn. ra licideslouheary het evi am neter gngtiar m.ried sssspsh. ar gued.anteyo edu pickeaut a b rifuling. thyoank u.we ve're nevingr has. kid m- mmmmm. ea brthe. i t love ihere. rewe a m nevertooving e su ths.burb re we a g neverng oettifne oe thosan(miniv). awe nre heverinavotg anr i'm pregnant. am i er l nevngetti go. for
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yo y ur bodmadewas forbe hitter tthanngs torheuma fobeou are yound yrhr loeumatogist mo a ve to ogicbiol, if xask nzeljagh is riyot for u. lj xeis aanz ll sma pill r fo wadults ithramodesete to avere r omfor whhotr meteexatd dirknot wol. wel anxeljcaz cen redu t joinndpain allin sweg s in ale alitto s twweeks, heand top lp shefurtr dajoint .mage lj xen anz car yoloweur y abilithtto figecti infons, ud incltubeing osrculis. ri se somous,esetimta factl infe,ions holympma, ot and ncher cahaveers pe hapned. t stdon'xeart ljanz youife havecan inftion. te inars to the smach ntesor is,tine lo d w bloo coucellnts, d anerhigher t liv aestschnd roolestevelsl le aphave hd.pene docyourshtor ould m perford tebloosts ybeforetartou s
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d antomonirtr celiain tever sts. te r ll you idoctoryof reu were in a gion where fungal infectnsiore c amoomn, yand ife ou havtb,had pa hes b titi,or c reor aro pne to infections. anxeljrez can duce e sythmsmpto, of ra enevut withotr methoe.exat as urk yoat rheumtologis t abouanz.xelj . an>> d ha: iear what youd sai th ere. 7:26 onhi ts asat w funny. so simomet wese allctua tyalk tabout whare we'ng goi toal tk ab oouten th airef bore we go onai har, ttnt we on the air.>> : kimai i sd i willit p ochver to our mroeteostlogi ll kerry cundan ala expin we're l alri weareng d tayod bauec se we 'reop hingt tha it'sai rsing aw esarenbos aeaut hrt he,alth ll heo, my ndfrie
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7:26 am
a: dan seemsha we veal tked ou abt aim silarto s hryniappeng in thestpa. a om wanas wri d tvinghe long wayne arak lade me andch rano when sh ela smmednt ios thi busp sto ki gllineo somnea wgitin for a bu ts inhe lcwhee.hairth e pnerso wasit h sord hahe s lost herho ses iisn th ascrh.we w knohe treav hene be abe numr
7:27 am
307: on a friday morning, february 5th, 2016. sn iows flial ingnew nor ycik ty roacss a lot of the easthi ts morning. a lot snow is not going to stop these feinol fks fromgi hanng t ouou on r azpla, sngmili and ngwavi. y >>noou kwt whad kin ofw sno it ? is the slushyw snoha ttit hsou y in e thfa ce. e>> w saw aot lpe of wople ith rthei red signs out there, and we 're dedress in
7:28 am
la hilliry cntonnd ani bere sa sndert wen t toeooe tn i a tedeban i new mphae.shir ofone theenevt'se mor momeblrae chs,angeli cnton es quedtion heral rivor fkispeang . fees >> ion d'tnk thihe tseac attks e arth worfy o you. ou ensgh i ouengh. if you've got setomhing to say, sa ty i ctdirely. hii tt'nk i tsimeo t endhe t very alrtfuar smeha ttou y and your cigampaavn hene be cinarryg t ou in ntrece ekwes. le tt's aalk tbouthe is.sues ll>> agh rit. e that lestl pol showsan sders th wi a0 2 point leadn i the an gr iteatste. >> t onhe rliepubcan si ade, ll poho swson d taldrump tamainginin ama comgndinea ldn i rtheliepub rcanacen i new mp hae.shir rc maoio rubas hai g nedgr.ound 's hen indsecoce plait wh %.17
7:29 am
gnoover orfri floda ex intendg aea hemlth ncergey er ov z theika ruvis. th eot tal casesep rdorte is 12 in ttha we l'll aookowt hou yan c pr totecr youam filym fro zika co mingup. >> ls> ahio ts inmornheg, trere a urdist nbingewel devntopmesn i muthe order13f a r--yea old invirggiia rl. os prorecutays st iwasef carully pl danne bywo tgi vir tniaech ud st.ents gcraivi melasn hor me on the y.stor good mog.rnin >> saahvannod, go mngorni to u. yo ithiss a tightni k ttown in sh tockhisni morng. a g youn girlcoover amesie ser s ofed mical obpr,lemsy onlo tbe edkill. li poayce sil kledy b onele colge ud st wentthith ele hpf o heanotr. ep>> rr:orte inrt cou urth,sday pthecurose tortlouinedde evince at th theil kling of 13-year-old co nileov lell was a ,cold ca atlculed otpl,ch hatyed b
7:30 am
rg viinia tstech tsudenid dav se eiernhow andat nalie epkeers. ei owsenh aer,h higoo schlnd a ll co tege >> 1600 meter went autbos a i anpldneit ,hi w ich asew n 1600 co reorrd f my olscho. r >>teeporr:cc adior tngohe t osprutec,oren eisrhauend a erkeep csamep u wthith ea ide to take lovell to a remote ca lo,tioner und theui gse of a da ate,utnd c her sh eay sshe tpl coueou bght a elshov at wat.lmar ei ausenher aedllegly pdicke up lo llvet aer hom h we,rehehe s wa was initftg aermb cliing out of hered bomro wiownd. all three drove treo a amoterea wh niere cole was ki.lled with lenico'sod b iyn ei nhseerau's sen,da tyhe bghout nicleangro psduct to coverp u the imcre,ef borevi dring to rt noroh ca wlina herelllove's bo dyas w d.foun ep ke sers saidashe wxc eited to be t parf othsomeseing ivcrete d anec spial. at the arheing,pe keersai s sdhe
7:31 am
udincling sdauicil outh.ghts sheai s ad misencoloto tato hi beernd h w earas a pseromiot n to doth anyingci suidal n.agai he air blue reqst was de.nied >> lo,vingli sming all the time. >> or rep oter:n urth, sdaythe sm allom ctymuni ingi virniaai sd -bgoodoye t a leittlir g wlho rv su aived rareer liv tumor, caoverme mply,homaou fght off a irrespy atorfeinn,ctio and tt baled binullyyg b clatassmes. >> shegh fouto sar hd to geto t isthoi pnt iner h .life th ouen ye havpl peoe like that, st jue tak her iennnocroce fm her. it us's jt tbhearinreakg. >>is eueenhasr iha crgedit wh fi drsteegreur m adernd ki pidnapng. erkeepss i cedharg withng bei an ac orcessefy b aore and tfterhe mu .rder a li prerymina hngearis i setor f xt ne h.mont
7:32 am
gcrai lvme tin, hanku.yo > >>re the is a gngrowikl bacash mthisngorni tiedo ta new inwarnrog fem th cdc. linataase h remo. g >>ood inmorng. mthisngorniom cesn i a re cent l vitas signrtrepo, identend to enprevtal fetoh alcol symendro. itai rsedon cscernmo a wngenom o whnscoeridt indcondesce ing. ep>> rr:orte r thetepor teinnded auto c ationomll wboen aut the da snger of drnginki. wh tat iai sdet s off air f e mstor eainstd. moren thall3 miu.ion oms. wen ar te ak risf o poex tsingheir ve denglopi baby to aollcoh ca be tusearhey e drnginki , nghavi sex andot n using birth co lntro to prevten napregncy. an ggd sungesti o notprnly ntegna mewo bn, tutsehoho wou cld te pollntiaey b egpr,nantho sdul tnori d ankohlcolt a all. so tmeook ofe.fens >> he tany wter few bsabie with ta felcl aohol rosyndme. git's treatot wan.that
7:33 am
te polntiaab by ssveel, hsere' ou rer encommondatiha, t wt'shere it et gs ddmu ied. ep>> rr:orte r themeecomiondatn se yen be som as aro patzining le tssonhatge sugstsen wom are innot tr conf ol orthei bo.dies woneoman titweeng,s thias h to a be ,joke right? ltinsuing,og deryator gae.rbag a >> am i pnerso or a thingt tha dcoul ptiotenallyt a onent poi nt co aain byba? it seemsn whe yeou'ray sing ne rveri dnk athnyginf i y'roue not on birthnt co irol,t means e th ttlaer,ot nhe t rmfoer. >> or rep tter:eche rmeomatndnio is as b oednle pnty of ncsciee. udstsie kwnohe t'sre nono kwn eg pry.nanc 1 in 10gn preantom wenn i the ait tonk driingoh alcol at st leave eowry nnd a .then w >>hileri ctics say the inwarnargs tget women, the cdc su tsggeser oth, wisengsayi it re encommllds alt adu s be enscreored foh alcndol a secoun aledboutuc reding ns coioumptfn iy thehave
7:34 am
we ea r ochedutth to e aygenc for aes rnspoeut bt iec ddlineo t agive stenatemt. >> ou ann:ncerda to wy'sereath is br t oughouto yka by y lejewers. ev keryiss bseginh wit kay. >> ha we ve a hugewd cro out .here heif ttiy s ackdroun until tu y,esday the may getno ather ow snm.stor ithiss a dopevel sing otormn su ,ndayom ces o outf ca.nada dr ngoppi snow, gusty winds in th epp uer dwmiest. by ndmoay,re the's a o loty f ic x,miin wytr mixos acrshe t dw miest. we e havec a sond lowos acrs the atmid-iclant esstat. to in tuy,esda theow lak mes it ov er. th arere le afot o 'sheret whae' wre lngooki for, mo tederano swm fro shwaoningt, lyphilew, nk yor,city buts a yo etu go intas e nternew en d,glanld cou beea hvy sn aow,s
7:35 am
,alsoac impting h newhiampsre fo er th bigma priry that day. n,agais it'l stiltta lilerr early rl eauty, b w we tantivo goue y pl oentyf wa >> ysgu,t' is 32 eedegrs. th sis i a heavy, wet .snow it ea's rllyas nty out .here ck ba to you. >> al,nk thaers v y.much we will go out there inur o next ha lf . hour he>> wneo somne yssa,hi ts is aw sful,mell .it
7:36 am
>> you .do > >>om cuping e , thenancit gr ,eekse wer t mheyore acedvand than we give them credit r?fo swhat pomepleoe say is proof. >> > big ge,amig b busesins. dy thnoere's onerai'd withare . ono rne i'dhaather dinnve nder aov a m wieith. neno o rat i'dleher an on. being in love is an amazi tngng.hi beg in lovinwie th yo burt fresndie... .. evng.ythi in uctrode ing thsever u o-twone stngri. e onamondifod ryour es bfriet ..nd . r one fo truyourvee lo. fo onr the man e wo in yo e ur lifs bowho'th. er ev us. w neisthal vtienne'y s daat re jaayd, k z and.ales i' sved a mokelotd an a lquitot, t buupended here now. no usw i .e this nicothe rmdeq pa ch,tc with unique extended lerechase te,nology lp heens preve urt thge mo to sll dke aay. . .
7:37 am
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7:38 am
ad ntveesurro f$5m ,99 pl uus $p to0 30peto s atnd . sea eecome se rok thcayal n.ribbea okboow nof, r fedsenoo sn. you say avocado old el paso says... zey stkechicd n anadavoco s taco oin surtand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas d ol pelsaaso .ys..
7:39 am
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7:40 am
wh onile elto xar , tc war bah foaick pn a orveny nersc or muelle rated gn si ss oromympts. otdo ne takltxareo ouif yan have if artliciahe lvart va e bn or al ormadibleeng. ytellctour doeforor b e alpll anned medical or dental procuresed. be sforeg tartinoxarelt , ll tedo your boctor aut y ki an, dneyliver, or in bleedleg probms. knyou elow xarto theispr #1 edescrib bloodinneth ir inssts cla .th aat'sin big w. iitr s fome. with el xarto e thero is nlaregudr bloomo ringnito kand no dienown taryst rensrictio. entreatmth xt witoarel ... .. he.was t m rightfor ove us. yo ask octour dour abltt xareo . we are back now. 7: 43. th ile buandup cid exntteme ousurrg ndinr supe 5bowl0. >> f iou yre aky luc ehnoug to t visi htheostci yoty, llu wi ve hant ple dy too. la dyakn sop ed uexthe enperice. e shntis ioto fo.ball go orod m.ning c>> a
7:41 am
i' mit a ltle bitme bumhad t bty tr pa diotst idn' imakeist th ar ye. xcmy eenitemckt kin ed i iwhen deboare d the planjoand mae nath wa tts sia ing rofew waws ay. he n' didowt kn i who, wasi but togot k talomto s te ofhe ad lenaing inmes tb fooall. as wade leto up s buperowl 50 re hesa in ann fro.cisc 'sthat. 5-0 ey thgo've rttenf id orothe man nu lsmerain, th tking he l dnwouloo't lodk goth on e rc meishanding. ait'sboll aheut tch merseandi, brceles,itied foo oand,eah, yh, fo llotba. de itspthe e ophola, it is the quarterback match ups that has everyone talking about. >> touchdown, carolina. >> or rep tter:eawo tonms, e me ga. it ll aom c desn ow ttohis. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers meet in super bowl 50 this sunday, with a ma p tchu rthat leadsa ike
7:42 am
f >> isti'm ngartih wity stor lines, start with the quarterback. s>>onectid fme mornian. ng r>>orepr:teey pn tonnmag,inhe t inagleg ndgelo, inoktog nh ecean s hil nfgale wcyh itsea ndco pesubor wwl, inrsve us -y26r-ead olm cawtne.on the 6'5" mvp who goes by the nickname, superman, with boundless confidence in his ilaby itd anroa etckrm ao tckba uitp. >> l i'mg ikinnecam twtono c magisojohnn. mwhen tagicovook heer tnt poi gu poard onsitit a9"6'no, ne o had aypl ted pheitosn ioatth wa y. >> or rep mter:nganni n andn ewto e arup sarersts whoom c iento the megait wh setomnghio tovprane d no wit outhcot rontrsvey. there's questions over manning's use of hgh to recover from a ne ickurnjiny 2011. it a'saln galeontihe t ar quacterbnik dees. c >>etomplfaely atbrictred, ash, ga agrbe. >> reporter: newton who draws
7:43 am
da nce cdause ati sr last week wh e en hd addeheto t co sanver ation rboutace. i >> a'mafn cariamn-icer an quarterbacthk mat sayreca pe leop. th avey h sen'tnoeen inththg ey can compare me to. r>>orepr:tehe tun rp u tto he game is remoha tman innnveg usrs wtne.on it b's wj.j. fatt,heor tan texs s, i he elre s slings.hirt i>>dot n'eswrt e.inkl pu i it it bn mytaag, t ke ion th ade ro. ep>> rr:orteha richerd s irmans ck ba a forernother supl bow we d,ekens thi atimepis a tch ma n. v>>tuireaal r blityouut ya 're pa f rt oit. >> 'r youghe riert thive, le. ep>> rr:orte o forf ut oertowns inlookr g fosathe ann fro cisc pe exceriene , th bcitye y thbay ha u s yorecoved. yteverhingm fro free erconc- ts - r >>teeporr: -- to their fouams ur gofomet od. ra>> gl,cefuht rig? >> d youreid gat. h,>> o. wow r >>teeporowr: ns it' ttimeo take in the nfl exripe.ence
7:44 am
>> h, oo soscle! wthat gas athood row. m>> id isseytever bhingkey li a se .cond hit'sr ardeooto lolk cohaer tn m caonnewtpe, eslycialer aft he sc aoresch tou.down wwhenlke tao ed tpadan k tric t aboumathe p,tchuha he e d on qu reest. ca u n yolaget touer ? dab ,matt i'msi paslong aheng t qu reest. ca u n yodab? i >>t jusitdid . bbi danced oe. l >>thike at. ab>> dli it hike ts. >> s it' tlikehis. i >>lit's ske ae.neez >> an i cth do at. >> ez snetoe inr youw.elbo ha>> titt's . >> ik i lure yody l, lan. >> p i'mngicki t youn.o wi hayou oove grmd fore the. t >> yhankou. woi'm g rkint.on i h >>fuave n. th yoank u. le got's th to n e macawho n b dahein tng oraome ro. go ad ahe. e'>> wuire r tningabhe d. ev oderybtoy, sbbp daining the
7:45 am
tt maer lauab's d. >> wa it crs a beoss n twee that --and >> n joholtravta. s >>erpoilrt ale a, wedylrea ow kn i whoins go wg tohein t big me gank tha js to fimmyn.allo ol fof prooeysurvk tooe placon s hi tshowthhe oiger nht. ha lve a ook. ea>> rdy? asrelee e thiepupps. >> h, oow w. la nd lae slidt righe.ther i k thin oit'susbvioe , therwinn e ardethe bnverosronc. >> on i dno't kw. >> nc brothos, ste morc seahed d antetwee td ofwohe t , if th aat'sinnythr g foyou. we ed askat, whou's yvor fa rite oparte f thr supe?bowl ga hame, melftiw, sho co cimmer aals,hell td. foo % 39ouof y t sayomhe ciamercls. ait's tie between the fooand d fothe llotbae. gam ng lef th o gladys aga'onnatial an .them
7:46 am
o twteminus? ve>> oo.r tw a>> i.gree ho ouw abcot a osin teas, hr ds o s?tail ea>> hds. ka>> oy. imosttampor, ntly cwhat aolorre yo bes nce's?shoe ed>> r. pa>> s.rkly m >>lietalc. y >>anou c u letows knyo if u're hiwatct ng a.home uslet w kno ywhate ou'rricheeng r. fo # ntgopa ohersobr #gosronc. b >>osronc! d>> i kon'tnow. or>> d.itos >> ds heant, pa.hers o >>orne mmee ti. >> lo as s ng ae we'rdonot iting sathe me. e >> w ahavey bab cbowlg omin up. 'r wette lecuing abte bpiies ck th nne wier. n >>o ot tutbe o bdonee y th pu boppy wl. ha>> wult co wd go?rong > >> calsog ominmoup, n re othe bi meg gacl, ing udineaa grt st ory. ffivedsrien h whobeave o en t er evngy siuple sower borl, f 50 ye ars. 'l welll tehe tir remarkable st ory.
7:47 am
elhimswof a rerld .cord >> fi> t,rshe t on klyftraat nalurhe cees has a touch ofhi pdelahilp a eacrchm seee, so ha wveteyor mau ,ke is creamier than ever. ,lookthe wwolffias huf ng anding.puff ke lio you dtimesomeras, g?ndpa we enll, whav you hpd,e co it e can bo hard tthe.brea it be can thardaio get r out, ich whmacan hake it rd etto gn. air i tso itoalked ct my door. sh ..e t mbicord hecouloulp y th breaere bett, ar stitting w5 mihin s.nute symb t icort doesn'ereplac a irescuenhaler r foen ssuddomympts. sy t mbicorprhelps eovid gn sit ificanemimprovent
7:48 am
orsymbicort is fd, cop in includrog chbrnic itonchis an d emphysema. it ul shot d noakbe ten tmoreichan twday.e a sy ormbicait contmons forl.tero cinemedikes lite formorol eaincr rse the disk ofeath afromprsthma ms.oble icsymby ort maeaseincr your k risg of lunioinfectns, oposte,orosis d anyesome eblem pros. shyou elould t dl yourrocto hif youa heave coart nnditio h orblooigh esd prsure fo beinre tak.g it icsymbcoort meuld dan aay thwite betear brg.thin wa out,tch gi piges! (cldrehigin le)gg symb t.icor br beeathe tter ar st witting5 hin s.minute ca r ll oingo onleae to lorern m ou abeet a fral o tri.ffer if y anou cor't affd ur yoat medicion, tr aseca azenbemay to able help. an st bd out.signy de.
7:49 am
d byesign. ge mineral rlls isingemov ciartifivoal flars an rsd colom ou frorer ceals. ouso yov can lale cere. aiagn! of85% s mentiay eahtng righelp eps prthare em r fotha healfutuy re. t bu90up to fall% rt sho g in kettingnutrey s ient... m ...frolofood ane. dolet's more. d addaone a s y men'...
7:50 am
vwith ditaminag and mumnesi to p helt supporyhealthbloo esd prsure. on y.e a da j ust eaahd, sdhoulou y cancel your travel s?plan chowouan yte proctr you mifaly? we 'rewe ans yringourue qnsstio ou abhet tik za ruvis. >> > sir eltonn joh opensp u ab touis hew n muc,siam fyilnd a h! ugrt hea!burn no o urne bmyns on ! watch
7:51 am
they worfak dst and tason'tte .chalky m.mmin..amazg. i eahave hrn.rtbu alka-seltz herrneartbureli ewefchs. enjoy the relief. whright ou fen ya eel orcold se, reva ab h caneal it in fe as wow as t h and af aldays uwhen tsed atsthe firn. sig th wi tout itirushe vea sprds fr l om c bronly apeneeva estrat deep d an tstartsrk io woiammedtely to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal you rcold sore, fast, fas as tt as awo andalf hysda sewhen uhed at tst s firign. le w arn ho sabrevas totartk wor immediately at abrevcoa.m n't doh toug,it out ocknitk , outstfa.
7:52 am
t st tes testeststt tet tes . d >> oana:ns thiri fday inmorn g,'r weedi slintng io the ekweend.>> : kim iowkn.we e havig a bee wkendn o p.tawh hoat suldou ye b doing? ldshou youta sy deinsi, oue?tsid 'shere our mroeteostlogiit wh sw aner.>> s it'oo lkinge lik aat gre ek we fendor tdouoor actitivies, oualthifgh, 'r youeae hdingut o e thoo dr this mog,rnint iis a tt liitle bll chiy andou y'll want am war jtacke and pmpahru a 35ndau lnghlip uo t 53nd a ts losu of nenshi w allkeeon lg withig hhs ien th 60shi ts we deken and 70s next week.>> a ceouplur s sfacettree ci acsdentht rig w,non i
7:53 am
meog trethe pastut aoho sw iv droe, n p bigemrobl rehe.we ak te it to thel bow with the lusua delay o sfboouthund af tronfic -1 i5s ae wck cher youtr avels,timet thans tras lateto edjamm oen thou sunthbod 15nd a ow sl uninbodro fmen honders on th 5e15 fores wetsid oef th ll vaeyn othe 95o s justus r h ur ho atr, fficankim d .dana im>> kll: agh rit, m.toth yoank u,nd apl coueil k olers ne thse loo tishor mning in our mm coy.unitwe e havot g wtenord from local cepoli thats thiur mderoo t k ac pl yerdesteayft aonerno at th satinhoppeng cterat loced gh rithe t aret rnbaiow and clwest.iffeme ttrongelli ush tatom sets showe re firedol fnglowi a ghfit, tandheyhi tnk theus sspectoo tkof fa in ve silris nsan maalti. that ils aly the thaveo gon o ats thi point.we e havve surncilla ceasamer but ey then havha't s tredhat rminfonatio with us.if y kouwno ytan,hingle p ase callme cripp stoaters 5-38.5555 an>> dnja: eouoy yree wkendut b
7:54 am
a dose of spinioiratn, mngeeti 15 r--yeaoldus atin ford,ho w has iccystib fsrosi butov les sw
7:55 am
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7:56 am
suone boper wl. bu wht iatwef ol tyod thu e er e ar ffivedsrient tha bhaveeen veto einry songle ere ev? >> hi nots ng iveforeavr, sh.anna a wendll uanerstatd th. t bue we'v bbeenedlessha to ve had thope rtpoituntoy ay s this is 50 years. w>> thyy'he areuanntrl itadn io aisbout a lot more than just football today, friday, fe rybrua, 5th.2016 e'>> werre home frti bal. more >> good morning, to our family back in california and ohio. >> good mornin tg,!exas >>hi tiss y mrtbiayhd. wai tnt cheolara inntparsheo t win in the super bowl. >> all the way from denver!
7:57 am
[ applause ] we're back now, 8:00 on this friday morning. it's the fifth day of february, 2016. you know what? it's not just a rumor, it's a snowstorm. it's snowing out here. y >> mnegoodss. ini the k th isnowkis maurng o ow crend eve morteexcid. >> ht rig. 's itug a howe crd. >> is it . ey thso're e cutllin air the sn eaow gr. w >>t e got a loeoof pple we g arinred. t we thankfohem atr th. me ilanwh've wet e got a longcomi up. o >> dhayou have w tt it takeso an chhege tld wor? ji s ll iheon tko looorut f the bnexthiig tng. sh te'llyoell w u hoetto g vo in. lved le got's id instae naislie si g ttinheat ts new adeskasnd h osomee f thsttop s.orie go orod m, ning aonce, gain ar st otingitff we h thheweatr. wthatr intem storlisnarheng t mo g rnin triderko wo s andl choo r follminsiof ooppe alenglohe t ea cststoa. it ne tur sd tofrnow irom va gini m to.aine yonew itrk c ly isngookia at up cof le oesinch t andoshe bton
7:58 am
ilal wvel ha c theetomple caforeomst cuping . > >>'rwefoe owllg ineabrngki inewsw n ne cyorkity. sc reniue urets ath on ene sce of ana crlle co iapsenhn man.atta cioffisaals e y ononpersde is ad an twd oto rshes iriseslouy in rejud. e thllco tapseplook duace ring e thinmornshg ru. dibuilnengs hear tla colarpse e in beecg chnoked r w foctstruural da .mage hi y llartoclin an isinccusg r hecrdemo ratic bivale erni sa s nderunof r aningar sme mp ca.aign hein tebir donate bc msn sdthurigay nliht c fnton ired wbacksahen s nder aonce gain ttiesllo waee str ct toall elhersprf a ssogreive. >> ug eno eh ish.noug y ife ou'vsogot inmeth sg toay, sa .y it ctdirely. i sonk this it' ttimed o enthe ve rtry asmful thear ouat y and ur yopa camhaign eeve brrn caying t ouecin rweent eks. bc>> ns new swallt tree poll re edleast jusrebefo d thee ebat sahad s nderinleading clbyton
7:59 am
on r theliepubsican ande, c nb opollhiut trns mohaing s ma rurco mobio ivingsento cond e placewin nps ham.hire do tnald srump htill sas aleizab wlead30ith l% ofy ikelarprimy te voacrs b hkingim. yo e u seo rubie ther7%at 1. th sat'soiix phents ne gai d to ve moad ahete of uzd cr. inmartre shkxeli eedrcis his ft fienh amt dment righon th ayursd. henf iiaurd tewmlaerakbys sm kiir dnginurhig exs ripeceen. e th-y32r-ead olmecand u fere ir stlaea yafr r teckjag in tup he e pric lof asaife dvingrug. r aftehethe g,arinel sclashe wh muc mo ocre vweal tg etin thardo ac tcept iheseilmbesepls rntrese coour y.untr a htfrigg eninawbut e esom
8:00 am
vthisnoolcapt eruited wchh su pl exe osive forchoit sckt ros d aninash heto t w sky lhileava amstreowed ds n it.side e ther nwerepoo reofrts ag dame gy or i ory njur vthatcaol ino30s le mioms fruc a n plear ower t.plan >> t'> lekes taoo a l wk athat nnsavaasah h. now >> nk tha, youe as w said rl ea tier, nhreeasew cf es ozika beare reing edportfl in a.orid gothe orvernan exp adingte sta e ofenmergcy. th rue vi ss isdipreaikng le ld wi afires cross partouof sth er amthica rie can.bbea . drlinataare azhe is o re t sw anurer od 82nesqus tiont abou.zika lepeope havt a loueof qnsstio t ifrehey'nn platoing ve tral. th s is itithe f me o pyeare eopl nt wahe to owad dutn soh. swhatd houl ktheynow? g>> ihiet tess qu etion dveryay fr atom ps,ienten frindds a ll coeseagu. rtimpotoant ta reshate te t th hacdc lys onue issrmd foal id gueselin p foranregnmet won. 'sthat e thecenhanavd trel ec pronautiy theldshounk thi ro st angly rbouticestr ting av tro el tarthe theas reat a
8:01 am
>> 's let t setaphe m up. es the e ar cjustinerta un cos.trie exfor e,amplt whaouif yt wanto t goe o thbbcari iean,not's t me na ad asnt coushry, youldou be ri wored? ou>> yer undd stan tthathe as ret'on it s nod nameecis bause e'ther es noncvide ce ofnturre go onviing trrus isansm.sion dthat'toesnn mea nit'soiot gng h ton.appe th i weink a allipnticthate at cothe ieuntrats th c arenturrely no fet af actedlls wefl as a orid thand lfe gust coaou of r trcounlly wi s seecaome ses. tso i, hinksthonehely tt bes an iswer g canyoive tu ishat it p's anaersocil de.sion psomee eoplmoare isre rerk avse an ther oths. i k thinneyou o ed t amaken in edformis decanion ded unndrsta fthatosor mopt peesle, alpecily ouif yno're egt pr anantotnd n pl ngannibe to pcomeanregne t th ri f sk ompa cotilicas on ilow. u yo tneednso cothult c e cd bs wereite rlgulay. un tadershend toc assoniatih wit e tholneuralogicpl comioicatn. sit'shiomethang tbet's ing wa d.tche ca i ten't oull ygo to no or t to
8:02 am
i >>u f yo ilivee n onheof tse gu oalf ctast s wtes,ishat the pbestctroteion? >> y, okaou a cofple nt pois ou abist th. 'r weine go tg toabalk thout e -- wherevee hath on nie moittor sa pays eis regd tereucprodts. it ns mea e theaspa he don st s udiedeand d cidethe cumolearles nse coedidere safas nsan ireect enpellt. flookomor sngethit tha nt co, ainsdeiret, . 535 l alheof tanse cus be ed. oi ll of aemone nduktolipiotus n b toede usch on enildrer und the e aghrof tee. ouif y s usereunscppen ahaly tt t firs-- i >>yot's opur tel lev. m >>suake imre sthple , ingslong sl s,eeveg lons.pant thone thing iat'stampors nt i th kae zius vire , thuimosqtos tliketeo biin dure g thday. wayou o nt t wstayplith aces
8:03 am
enscres. >> ll reaicy qu tkly,'shere new rminfon atiohion txus seal tr isansm osionkaf zi. t >>dche c i hasd ssuentan ierim gu inidelate thyo if e u arlea ma o wheihas ttherllraven ed ia vzika tirusmiransn ssio oarear d livee theryoand veu ha a rt pawhner po isanregnt. ereithta absorin f d theiouratn heof tgn pre oancyybr mae al recaistiuslly nde co omes ns contisteorly f t all oypesf se ixualconter.urse an xuy seelal rnsatio ahip,ny xu seonal c ltactthike weat, ar a cand omcond. w >> ae'llnd askst queneion xt wh waich ty isbuhat ins gog? 's it g not toingumo sturp yo ds ki. >> ew> drry bar'smoreak tone at whme it toans ho be t in ywhollood. ma oett ge-s onneon-oh witsir to elhnn jo.
8:04 am
fi herst, tessase mges. th tie cibl doushe caar cmed coins y very hand cwithash .ba . . .an bd cashagack laain ter. it h 's cas dback \j vu. tithe cie doubl carcashd. lythe onth card ets at l you cearnckash bace o twiern evpuy rchase th wien 1% whuy you b 1% andyo as u pay. . . . . .
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
>> we> re aac bnok atw :1 83. ea grmet ti w fors hat'ditrenng. s let't star twithnche a ient ksgree. sh l al?we >> d goo. idea a >>ngmazipl peoe. es>> yey, the. wer >> ce conf pt oy,monet thawas th ideir ea. ym olcspi, pyramids. t >>paoga s.rtie g >> lreekagangue. er>> vody go. >> ek gree. lif ea>> grs. sc .rews r watek.cloc r >>y?eall lu>> pg?mbin a >>rell gnnek iioovatns. 'm>> i s notabure thout at. reappa, ntly itheytenvend me sog thin.else alookist thte, dacks ba10 to 0 c. b. ok loth to fte leth of ree scen. ey then invthted pte laop. >> k loohaat tt. ha>> tunt yodyg lath on fte le h isngoldiap a l top. >> t' thae s thosradi om>> ce plet twithorhe pn ts o sithe hede tre. >> . wow nb>> uvaelieble.
8:10 am
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8:11 am
ta>> sg ndinl.stil i >>'t donw. kno o >> tlethe ft. >> d you kon'twhnow enich d is frthe oront b theack? >> ge natyso sa o 80%e f th kids thget swe aniger rht. it g'sngoio tthe left. here's how they know. >> d theisoor th on hee otr .side w >>ow. >> ct exaly. he>> tse pas dnger yoor,anou c't e sesoit, ha it bs to te onhe r othe.side e sinc dthey orivee n tht,righ e thisbus ng goit, lef ouobvisly. i >> a was d busr.rive i anhad ai unfvar ade.ntag ou>> yul shoved haen tak ur yo oselff ut ocothe itmpetion. > >>tonow h the cintslaoldpy is pidropbong aheut tft halime owsh. "z ndoolareer" s achesinew .ghts rs caason hst pop art. >> ch> muic-antedipater supl bow ha melftiw shocofor ayldpl. pas a cressreonfe cnce, hris ma artinhend ts boythsay e ey'v hewatcevd pr aious pcts,blrobay udinclkaing erty p sry's hark
8:12 am
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8:13 am
ahavey ll ms iron bin a ounchf ff dit adshe ided,a t's akmist e to in thu k yo thaverno bugh brit yofor hour wifle le. u yootcannta i eit'sstxhauaning t d no very al rec.isti >> 's shell sti. hot he>> s a haspin emitre wurh yo sm co letic ine. ha>> twht's gat's areat bout r. he knshe whows e o shndis at wha sh moe's ntst iteeresghd riw,t no sthoneisly, k heranids ind beg a lyfamiso pern. re>> dinw pototed t the iimesn he fer lin whewashe t.s ho ouof c wrse,shhen are stinred "e ndt" aar "chs lie'lsange." ne txt"zo laooernd." d ann beilskr.le ilstr.le the cast broke the world record r foe thnglot eslfse sieckti. hitpeapd ne tat mheieov 's premiere in london thursday gh nit. n beedjoinca by atst mes. th lfe setiie seack mngsuri 28 fe et. la"zoo 2nder i" isean th ters fnexty.rida that ious yidr fropay tbacku.o yo >> an> thu,k yoso carn. . mrr,roke's letk talt abouthe we r.athe i >>get's g ttinieheavw.r no wzyoa! we e 'ringotog e boklog in at th eais rfolly e r th snextalever s.hour tcstre fhingnorom k rfolthall e
8:14 am
sn ow. it oi's go ng tincontt ue at leas l untindaroun i3:00w n neanengld. u yolocan t ok asnthe llowfa am s.ount rdupwa as oft fooouas y t geto do aswn eint mae. pevenderoviwence ta're g lkin ou abtot 6 nc 9 ihes. onbostto, 6 nc 9 ihes. yonew itrk c ty, 3o 5. e we'vd uppeacthe lacumu ation lelitt h bitinere y nework. st reth of une co mtry,raore in t inache p nificweorthst. fr heom tat grees lakth to lfe gu co sast,inunsheme, ttuperares mi ndld an evecea ni i daynto
8:15 am
t >>s hat' lyourt atesheweatr. sa ahvann? l,>> ank thas. > >> iwhenmet co ps tousop mic, r sin elto ijohn as ingu leae of hi n.s ow s>> a oneth of eos mtce suclssfu ti arstsf o all s,time s his ongs thaveedoucher gennsatio. he ut's oh witana brw d-nem,albu weand gh cauupt it wsih elr n to at l hisho.a. o me t atalk bout c,musie famfaand .mily i >>ea'm rfelly g elin9 at 6 ye ofars , agepli'm g ayinand ng sieter bthter vean er. i' ilm stanl st ding r>>orepr:ten ie thitelwoe d rl moficusco i, ns ditsnoe g't et much bigger than sir elton john. h>> ihaave e d thsupleaowre n vofitisg inuryoom houe idtsofe onlond. pyour ilacelan atannta w d no ur yoce plabe in y verls.hill u yo clikertomfo able su ndrrou, ingst don'you? >> iv i llle we. kei libe to ro surd undertby a an otd phphogras. li i o ke t mhavemey holls fied wi t th i cso ietan gpi insred
8:16 am
idmy kn s cainget edspir. i' ckm luouy eno gh tblbe a e to i f >> id i ha ytold0 ou 2s year ag ato thn wheerwe wtte siing tdown ioday16n 20u , yod woulbe apas h apyyos veu've eber , en wi gth aouuy ye lovlydear, le y galliemarr dd, ag otinerfath of b two coys,r areetlexacy er whu e yo iwantout, would y bhaveveelie?d me w>> i houldthave t oughweyou re a addehead or putd aciy in m k.drin i no, d woulbenot e lievyou. the thing ouabfet lit thai d,founs it'inamazatg whol unfds y ifou left it unfold and you take the risk. r iememr beenwh w i yasngou >> reporr:teou s andicdvfre om mesoe ono whs haenbera emb cing friskivor fcae deandes d co ngunti. he>> wstn i d arte bin a iand, ne drver oeamtcof be smingir n elto.john i ju wsttean dd tomeo sog thin at th t had wo domuith sic. r>>orepr:teid de herev.
8:17 am
st moce sucl ssfustartiits, wh 250 million record sales dwworlide, including 37 gold and 27 multi platinum albums. >> ev i nhoer t tughtlihis f fe o ne mild woust exi. 's itn beemaan a jzingeyourn. >> s it'ura joy neilstl olevngvi. s hiw nebual "m,ndwol erfuy craz t,nighs " wardrecon ed i17 iostuds. day w a hat erwondcrful niazy ght w>>n heu yostli tentho mue c si th yat poufoer ormthn nis ew m,albur you a33rd, lbum it's ea clatr ths it' okindref cafree music. >> s it'usjoyo. ini'm s thit greatiposin on imy fe li. vei'm apry hpy. ay plgring lieat n ve oe.stag i ahaveat gred. ban th e'ernos inthbug hat esppins ar .ound >> 'r youbie a at oftr conol fr feak,air? i >>atn wh? way w >> iell,atn th l youtoike ctakeofare ry eveai det tl ofhe cr veeatice pross. liyou o ke t smakeyoure ur ng fiinerpr ot ismon alst ev hierytng.
8:18 am
at whpl to ay. d>> it idn' imean at in bad way. o,>> n - but- i >>nk thit mosessucc sful lepeop s aredeome ogreef nt cofrrol eak. w>> in'ouldy t samui'm f ch oa nt cofrrol eak. i olike pthere'eoplpus int. tisomeyomes tu'relooo co se t thsomeaning u d yot can'itsee . sometimes i have good ideas. sometimes i ha tveriere bleaids. r >>teeporitr: wreh mon tha 50 3,nc0 co uerts hnderelis bt, to eliln stvel lolis a ve au cedien. hi s s las vegaderesiisncy ng goi ngstro. he>> wu n yo 4wereha0, ws t wa yo maur if ge ovelas gas? o >>orh, he.ribl hy>> w? t >> ia was eygravofard pl peoe. yo neu'd gever ckt ro r andinoll e.ther i gechan md my ind. ho>> wes comse to e e th?show t'>> ides maof up be may 50% n eltohnjoan fs. bu tas veg is ak- walwnupto. lepeopou go wt tohatever shows are there. i twantt o gelepeop a whot ren' tfanssahat t'y, igrs a eat show. r>>orepter: offta s, ges hi
8:19 am
joy. m >>edarrida to tvid,hahey ve tw nso so. t >> ithwas eae gr dtestioecisn i've made in the last x siaryes. 's itin have g th. boys >> a youavnd dlwid aonays the me sae pag twithoyhe bs? bs>> aeloluty. 'rtheyr e ouarprimncy coern. they're the thgsinha tmet co fi anrst red fo. most he>> tsnre ine't oho pusdaver d d andione liscipannari? o.>> n we bo're isth dinciplnsaria but in n thet icese framinof md. >> s doearzachowy kn e who lton hn jo is? >> , yesoehe ds. phe's orouds f hiy.dadd mhe'sinore stteren ed iow"uptn nk fu." stheymying gs son. sthey"ring tmockean." theyg sin en"bannie e d th."jets ey thw knor theipldad piays ano. twhencohey utme oin dure g th , show wtheytoant ne shi rc tohes. ey thw knoi who ndam at whai do t , bu'rtheyree moer intd este t in theiroys. i' nem fih wit.that at thoo's gd.
8:20 am
me fais, thke rocn t ma lsaysife h isngitti t allighe rotht nes. >> th is anere ngythit thad coul ma ouke ypi hapiger r nht?ow n>> o. g>>d y >>avou h te tohiake hm atis wo rd. e'>> he s onheof tt. bes p >>cterfece plali in igfe rht now. >> j i'musealo. 's heo intofall h the.omes yo t u geheto ct ck iout. >> di we id anvinterutew o side of do lone n on.time is>> h c artctolle--ion ha>> wgrt's abeat elout aton,t th d e enheof t, dayovhe les mu sic. y ever itime h seeheim, s, say at wh y areisou lngteni to? wh o at dliyou ke? wh oat'sheut tre? orhe watked ec a rstord anore d at thha's w st heutet odo to . a >>ost a s car'y,part you al hwayssoear e meonincuttg ge ed. ha>> w yt doavou have, sh?anna r >>dsecor. >> e havbeyou o en tsta lig enin y?part n >>o. th noing. d i hassa ca tetteinape the '7 0s. et>> lee's syo if n u caonget e
8:21 am
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8:22 am
wn do town5 is 4eedegrd s an if we e takoka lo heat ten sev day caforehest t ctexpeiged h h is , 586762,0su on per bo wl su .nday willhao ve t 7hire 0s xtne ek we. k >> yim: caou ndn se the yabackndrd ach wat it. d >> ana: thatwobeuld re a gat id ree the wofomen atrtune ne ws a velas gas mawoo n whis dr g ivinhein t g wron way sl d amme ainto s bus top,u yo thsaw sue relt he re, un unforty atelkishe alled man wawho its waing t righe ther at th e cun rb ia cepoli sae y therdriv hit the me bdiane eforheg adin into on ngcomi fitrafc. lo a cal viactiayst siss th has tost op.wh t en icotomes se the bus s stopt a loheof tm veha el sh atersnd hed sai atheyre gu trest ey sh bouldene op in the ck ba. e thrcc doeres hise th andth ey ar oke loing i s it ithsomeweing l wil ostayn p toerof he tattahe s.tion >> da wna: e'reintalkoug abt
8:23 am
- is - thisenweek ad --etnd g y readr fosea do of inatspir ion on mo mndayngornin wheyokeu wa w upith the erwagns. u yo willetmeye 14-ldar-o inauste , onurof o lowical sh drchil en.he s haiccyst osfibrutis b he lo toves swndim alo he ves ro llerasco.ters so au hstin cad ae hanctoto go
8:24 am
d. 'lwetal lkouabhit sts y orand > >> wmeelcoac bko t od"tay." it's 8:30n o thisri fday mo g.rnin tit'she 5thf o ferybrua, .2016 n weeedom se wwindo wsiper for at tht. sho sit i snowy. 's ithi tndck aea h. vy
8:25 am
gr tearo c owdthn e azpla, clininudg unicor.ns erthare e unicorns on our azpla. th e'er aser vy gdoo reason. it has to do with one of utyoe'ubsig bstgend a mtos igbrht arsts. we'll explainhe t urnnico thing mi copng uit whod htea lar. >> soal, youw knoha w ttoday s?mark six msonth outth to eio r ym olpic games. we g'reoingo tch cat uph witthe fe degndind gol maledtsis and nireigorng wld pichamon,.s u. wo smen'na gymsstic team. > >>in comg up,up smoerldehe srylerchyl eg tis opens upbo aut heris re in th dee morll wo hd,eros pter and the ddonal trump rise. >> didou ye hav heros pterhe w n weyou rero gwing up? > >>iv fe rkaemar fbledsrien who ha eeve bon tve erygl sine s uper ebowlverla p fyedor 50 s.year
8:26 am
st toryheogetorr f the first me ti. > >>t,firs s al, oeemsusbvio, t bu ugive cs a oheckef th at we her. ir>> ffst ol, altu sa,rday msstorlr aeady geonn ieth east t.coas wi indyen th pl.ains ea grayt d onun s fdayheor t su boper wl. ok lo forw snoro aund there gat la kes. it oi's go ng tbe a bifeaut dulay tinhe soalhe tac picif d an s buperowl aysund, tshat' gh rit, ase w g teto vile's
8:27 am
la rten ieth y,daun sny >> t' tha ysrouat ltes atwer.he it s io ged r y.da we ar red fheor t acameriean hrt ciasson.atio vei ha r myed socks on toy.da uyoll a are wmarnd a d?re >> yes. >> all right. let's head back inside. >> al, thank you very much. > >>s thi mngornire we' wrapping o upurci spealie sers cag,llin su odperm wels aherehere t yw?no >> re we'ng doit i with aru te er amican icon,he cryl tiegs. na etali goto t m eether. >> uc snh a r.hono s,tiegsi condderebe to he t tfirsri amecan pesuelrmod,no kwn fo r hery man po"srts luiltestra illustrated" swim suit photos. she went on tbeo aro gdun ea br ikern busssine, as llwe. y >>eou'vn beele caldhe t l- alicameran suodpermel.
8:28 am
>> well, it'say alws flattering. i feel so founrtate. i ay alw lsoved modengli. r >>teeporher: crylgs tiew gre n up ifocali.rnia sheot g herst firak bre at7 1 wi th la"gurmo" gama. zine he>> tyoo bkede me sit on scene g too o tthe bbcari ean. ha>> wst wa itut aboou yr look, u yoth ink,t tha made youak bre th h?roug w>> iheas tif calaornirl gi. haat ttti me,y thete wand someone who was licaiaforn, all am anericlo, bnd . hair ep>> rr:ortegs tie t was fheirst mo del to arppeace twi oen th ve co oref th po"srts stillud"ratem swi suite.issu in97 1an0 d 1975. >>ow hor imptante werse tho for ur yo ca?reer >>ei bn ng ocothe ofver po "srts stillurate il stluterad"on is te ofhe hi ghghlif ts omy recaer. >> or rep iter:n ,1978he sed pos a inis fh netwi smt sui that
8:29 am
>> he w inwat s dry,t iwas a li mttlecoore tennecd d an less sea e sero th ugh. ep>> rr:ortere the a was tlsohe pi iknk b inipo. ster >> a guy w ualksp and says, you owereyn mwa ll. i think,ha tt's ni,ceea ryll ceni. i on d'tan wt to askny ae mor qu onestis. c >> overrlgi,f osecour. r >>teeporyr: b 1979, she was signed to a $1.5 million racontitct wher cov girl. en th thege bigstos ccsmeti racontevct er. >> betou yrot btom do. llar ep>> rr:orte in,1980 she chlauned a signaturein l e of hiclotorng frs seae, thst fir ta reenil v bture y armsupe.odel adit hos almt $1il b ilionn le sas. e onaz mag hinead thet mosmp iact on tiegs. >> wt haswa the menomtyo in ur ca treeryohat ltu fe, wi'ow, ve ma nide st. im"te." th eov cer y.stor fu r.rthe ou>> y a'renzi amang mawon.
8:30 am
on el"ctyebri aptiprence"o t ra mise foney horer loimng-te fr 'siend fotiundaon. >> ai i s tdo ddonalmp tru, this ow sh n isorot f me. i 't don want t io bee n thlemidd udof mli sgngin andad b minouthg and nikitpicng. iidsa,t' thas not me. i' veor w hkedardn iy mif le to no ot dse tho th.ings i so'm rrsoy,t' ist jus not ri ght. ha>> widt d he say? >> sa he id,ylcherou, y're re fid. r >>teeporhrr: tououghert h re ca ter,iegsra tdvele nsextey,ivel but it's her son ch za who bsring her theos mt jo y. >> me to , hneappiss is? >> oh, don't make me cry. being with my son. >> ep rteor ar:t 47,ie tgsos ped nagai t forheaz magthine at re pallyerut hth on mae p. >> i wast iidntimgatin at all? >> .no i was aaylwsas pleedo tor work f po "srts ilralust"ted. si way ver fit.
8:31 am
us ep>> rr:orteow nt a 68,gs tie fe belsyeautes comro fm wi.thin >> r youoo lkas h inremaedhe t asamehell tse aryes. >> nk thayo u. ha>> w dto younk thi youreg lacy is? >> you owkn, i wtano tbe outh oght afs aic ne onpers. ou thulghtf, sweet, ndki, odgo. tiryo tbe as kindo try evebody as i can. th at's my algo. >>ay alw s,kindhe cryl is rr cuyentlng doior wk t forhe rt eansh cotiervaon corps and i wamateror zagani.tion theed famin pk biikin proste wh ich i know youll a d,ha atlber onwats was the otphphograer. he waspo supsed toho sot the red wone ithahferr. dncoulec't b oauseef th he scngduli nfco.lict when he hadhe t otuppor wnityith th peink e,on he did it.
8:32 am
sh meat bhing ,suit too? >> be he itars . m >> hattoas nme com ontn this. >> noal wl space left. it's vecored. >> om> cing up next, s uper'sbowl rfsupeans. th ero gup ofe fivri f wendsho bhave teeno all 49am ges and
8:33 am
rs fihit, t s is >> > 408:. allor mningg lonve we'ee bn tt ge yingou ready forer supl bow . 50 sa ahvann met aup grof ouy ghos w al reanly cai't wort fs thi .game he>> ty're inamazg. st mo u ofs dinreamfg o adittenng e oner supwl bo. garoup of five fdsrien have be oen t all9 4 s,game and th eey'rut abo toak me it 5 t0his enweekd. ei thtor ssry iut abo aot lor me th an bafootll. ey th n'veeverha sredt i theogetr un tilnow. w >>here you been? r >>teeporr:ye 50 ar aces ago,he tse fr siend fmro stea.
8:34 am
at ndte aoo faltbl ev nentone o had ryeallve enea hrd of. it was cdallehe t world pichamiponshme ga. w, nos it'le calhed t s uperbowl. htheyadh suc are gatti me,he ty we hent t next year. an ed th next. luntie fiv years became n.te anden t mebeca ty.went ouit wo ld go on tbe a lionfe-lg tr ioaditn. in goacg bo k ttheer supl bow ev erygl sine year. ev alentuly,li calheng tir sspoe, the s buperowl vefi. ic clked? >> ry eve iones aam f ilyman. haif tt n'were t, ife,lt wlle' veha aam fyil and t getheogetr. r >>teeporher: t re's,prez prov, ch o,icagg, fory lar mac. erthare e personalized jackets and sweat suits, rings, at whse el? su boper wl vefi.
8:35 am
to the tr,acks he'sun rning ernumbe fiv ander supl bow vefi, i bet $500 on him to win. c heame in ftfih. r >>teeporher: tvey ha one.rule no vewis. al ghthout as,time theul re has be en bent. >> ne or o two s,timey m wife wo could hime we le w aweree t th .game dshe'e com g ando to myot h el aroom wndait for me toe com ck ba. t >>hatas wn'tou yr .wife o whyoare u kig?ddin >> ,judyhe t jy'reust kidding. >> e wif has red high, 5'11"? >> reporter: just imagine, they d han seery eve playn iup s er bowl hiy,storm fro joeanmonta's to owuchdssn pa to ylta,or to tscot rwnosood'is msed field goal mpattet. for the four norew y ikersen th p,grou the sesweett play ofhe tm al l. >> n whe the giants beat new england and new england was
8:36 am
b weeat them o tnhisir mouaculs h.catc meto t,wahat hes tt besf o to ea bhet t trpa.iots ep>> rr:ortey theem rem wberhen e thal heftim show was ach maring abandndke ticts ,wered hol on to r you hats- - he>> tst firke tics t wa10$10. >> . $10 ep>> rr:orten whe oneis mset jan ja nckso had adr warobe unmalfn.ctio l >> aooktht is. >> i idsa, atwh? i os almt mseisd it,ut b iaw s it . r >>teepor pr:pserha m theost ngmovi forhe tse amen,ll ravete ans,llee dply iopatr tic, waser supl bow25en, wh6 f-1s flew over inis m msingan atform ion. >>e wwereur t aningdrounnd a steare wer nnruing. th waere ots n a dryye eth in e ad st ium. ot>> n a dry eyeth in e ushoe. >> befuautil. >> wa it hes tt mos otemliona ,time i thinkve we've er had. ep>> rr:ortes it' ami comttmen acto ethh oerhi wchas her nev
8:37 am
en ev inou tgh times, leik wnhe rv ha fey'sratheas psedwa ay a we pekorrio teth mega. >> guyse camr ovend ake talod t me, tdalke toy m .wife ey th allns idistet tha iad ho t .go i ntwe, butou y ,knowit w ah lot aiof p inn my arhet. ep>> rr:orte i orn times of na filncia icdiffesulti w,hen la srry'in bus wessas ggstru.ling d>> itidn'e hav f theundso t go . ethess guy ,said ,no'r youe go ing. th peydicke up my torab f that ye ar. ai>> wt a numite, you sllti owe us nemoy. >> iai pd u.yo >> or rep ater: afterhell tse ye tars,eao rch0 5ea y irss it que a lemie.ston >>av houe y beennk thiabing out th nat ase ver viveniyrsar w andithat me s?an >>resu. h itits me tisomemes. i nk tha thed lore' wre geto.ther >> hi notng is veforer,av snaanh. we allnd uanerstd that. e we'vbeen bedlesso te hav had e thor oppnitu ttyo say,s thiis 50 years. 'v>> ieee bnhi tgnkin about 60.
8:38 am
go tingo go. e'if wreti s glloing to play .golf 'sthatt whae i'vn bee tinhinkg t.abou ou>> yy, saee kp it ingog? >> tlexacy. ou>> y a alsore that way,p kee oiit g angngs lo as you can. >> h godeeas boon god t .us it's un. real e'>> wre voded tetoac eh oerth an d vodeted to theer sup wlbo. >> ov le that. >> at greto sry. >> zi amang. th e otbrooherhd. >> y donoou khew where tirts sea ar e? t >>he nfl --au becsey' theve ar hed of thesee fiv --o she ty pu sercha. e th nfl isng goio t honorm the this wed.eken >> grt.ea >> ire adoth em. fieele lik h i faveive new ndfries. >> t' whaous y rckni?name >> ive e gnot a nimeckna. ne mi isou snther orcomft. e th fesunnitng thi is, i met va syn on an ainerpla. he d tol mehe tto srynd a ,said
8:39 am
kyou anowngs lo t as gheuys >> soni ce. >> e'> wnre o the oulookt t forhe xt ne bigng thi n.agai
8:40 am
>> >rsfi tt,s hi is"tayod"n o >> e'> w reckba. ewe'v t gotheur retn of a pu polar ensegmt. to sday't nex big th ing. od>> tay cibontr jutorillti marn ise hertok kicng thi soff. y, heji ll. >> i'mit excedbo a utthis. me re amber few msonth, agoe w am teped uh wit qvc toin fd ay"tod n's" bextig thing? we j'rengoinior fces n.agai fi wrst,et wan to update youn o ho urw ost fir nnwi ler's hifeas ch geand. leslie, you are our winner. r >>teeporitr: wh a ,bang leslie an erd h ingenious ucprodt, good ng ha ,up wonur o first "t'soday" bnexthiig tng ntco est. >> you ready to gon o qvc mo to mrrowngorni?
8:41 am
r >>teeporr:ho 24 laurs ster,he was making qvc sthi ory. e >> w shaveold out of our in iaitl ipsh. ment ep>> rr:orte o notnlyid dhe s se utll o beefor the pctrodu was de bescri sd,head h aug hek bac r.orde s >> oldout. ng colaratus.tion >>oh, t hankyou. r >>teeporinr: since w tninghe contest thr meesonth o,ag life thfor eae s mttleom has been a lwwhir ind. d>> i noeed to update the ta ca ilogomn se. way ep>> rr:orteth on ele he hs ofer su s,cces w sheasbl ae to forecus 0% 10 of her pctroduev dopelment bu sssinet jusn o hgoodang ups. cl ingudinnc lauhing a new pr toduc line, good hang upsor f ki ds t,arhi wchas hn bee at fe iuredn en"parts" gamanezi. sheas h had toan mtuufacreo s much so quickly, but is committed to keengpier h nu maurfact hing iomeen th st ju relycenthe, sas wnv i ited tback oqvc for aec sond time. aswe viersti connue to beun hg
8:42 am
>> she deesservry eve bit of essuccs. m i' soit exc bedseecau we're un lagchinto sday'ex nt big thing ag ain. th tiis me,n ion hor of ermoth's wday,ee arki loongor f allou y mom inorvents. su ybmit iourdeas at hayou vent uil march 4th. i >>ant ch hgedifer le ander h bu sssine. i >>dit d. is thks wornd a i can't waitor f nourext remomp tneurllo te us wh heat ss. ha h >>ulopefhely s can get ma enrcom tum. ha>> tyonk u. > >> up,next theum smer piolymixcs, ss monthaw ay. we cat'llchp u wh ite ths.u. me won'sym gicnasteas tmlo a ng rthe toado rio.
8:43 am
nb c. >> e'> wacre bkh wit tosday' un contdow to o.ri we e arelyxact sixth mon fsrom th pee oningem cerofony the mm suerly ompicme gas. >> m tea usaef hop auls iren tr ngaini all ascros the trcouny. mr taonde head teo tham fous lykaroich ran inas tex and ca uughtthp wi o oneef th un costry'os mt cetov gedupro of hlateset t, uhe..s mewosn' asgymn tticseam. r>>orepr:tehe t u..s won'mes mn gycsastim teae madis htory nn wi ainghi trdon ctisecuve ch piamshon.ip
8:44 am
>> ac bk to rio andhe t oiclymps xtne austgu. >> xc egitin meti. w homanyon mthsil unt rio? >>six. >> n.seve i >>ug thohtwa it sse ven. 20>> 0 . days >> six. as>> h aenyon had a d areambout ri o. >> , oh t allhe >> waalys. >> se tho are tlnighy. vei hare a dheam w fre i aallnd wa pke u and i'm tisweang. >> s it' not ad goo m.drea >> yeou'rin havg r niohtig >> oh, ahye. >> ep rteor tr:he glsirra tin pa selyratet mosth of e ,year but ev eryo s teofn,y theom ce thtoges er aeaa tm at the cl seudedin traingte cenrim s ply nknow as the ranch. is re the ata cerin ginreet g rafteon lgio per odsfim te ayaw? >> ye ah. >> t' whahes t grngeeti? s atecre hashnde?ak w>>eun r upnd a hugac eh r,othe tccah up. it's like a family bo. nd >> or repter:ab gbygl douasle bw
8:45 am
ld go t inhem tea and all ndarou. e therwaspe sticulaon sheht mig notnddefeer h e.titl t >> whereueas qnstiout abo et whorher y noterou woie gong t bcome tack this imear.ound ll te meut abot thaim te odperi. i >>nk thi a lot of peeopl th toughas i w snghakiy m me co,backch whi ias wt.n' m i' the pnersore when whe ian wt me sog,thin g ioer aft it. w >>yoere esu quintiong ur yo?self ft>> aer 2012, i outh ight,an wt d tohio ts n.agai idi d tn't ohinkfin givgp u the tspor of asgymn.tics si wang you i and wdante to nt co. inue ep>> rr:orte as arall-ound world ch tampashe phrt tee years, nesimoes bil't canie belerve h ol csympire d mamsay come uetr. i >>f iec rall eccorrtly, you we nre i a gym watching them and t non evee surf i yould couak me t ithio ts po int. >> yes. >> t' whahas tt orsty? >> llwe, wthhen erey we mp cog etinheat t olcsympiey, th re weth in m e gyhaand d it ecproj otedhen tll wa. wa i ats wgchinm the andas i w ke liha, w it ofne day iot g to
8:46 am
si wang you and i dtidn'nk thi ouit weld b sspo.ible r >>teeporr:er vetanly a rsmaian st illks bas ien th gloryf o two go ldal medns i onlond. a >> wftere won,e w oweren cl oudneni. it was ,like ie hav so many ea grtem msoriem fro the.trip w itas inamazg. >> re,ally sheun pedcher hicetd eeder h he ckr tiet. >> foayur-w tie t forheol gd on th eenunev b ars. t>> ius phese m bseecau youan wt to haveha tt maledo t yolfurse. t i hinkaloverl, i did thees bt th cat indan a i g tothed gol da mel i ntwa.ed >> kamyyla,s it' aea tmrt spo t buls aon a individua lspt.or dhowo youan balce atth? >> wehe cacer eher oth on. en ev y if'roue aea tm or di inalviduou, yll stie hop the st be for yoeverne. yo opu hehe t bfoest rea t musa. >>y' thereki worng hard. e thm teal wilbeho c asenfter e thri tals in .july 's it work, rkwo,k wor until en th.
8:47 am
it b'llere heor bef weew kno it. wh o at dhayou veom cing up? w >>vee haba .bies >> etforg about pus.ppie c >>inrawlg bs.abie t >>hen a ofcookfet bween co dolora andar caolin bauerbec. j >> uoinors f it ifou y want me so. i >>nk thi m weaye hav to. t >>shat' cgomin up. >> e hav a good .hour ve ha g aoodwe d.eken jo enhey t s uper.bowl >> w youereut abo to y,sa go on brcos! >> , noas i w not. >> s,ye you .were go >> : kimd gooinevend g ans it i ayfrid we yhope ioursf s of to a asfanttic arstt.
8:48 am
o we dha sve a ttoryo arshe th wi. you >> da: na m adeurr reis on el e usivenhappesed yayterd at a sh ngoppi ce ynterrdesteay rnafte tro ssays whotsere owfoll ed -- ed fir owfolla ing t figh and th spe suwhect o k thinavto he ke tan up in a f -- iknyou ow an ngythias plee ccall rime op st.pers kespear lit tet'sabalk out me sog thin moreeapl asant nd th at d woulhebe t atwe d ke wlly,ishat it today? te meogorolist apiaprec dtionay? >> eo metgirolo st: s i kespear toh- hig tfive.oday> > ormeteisologt: er h ae isk loo at e thertempesatur if reyou' tt geing retoady d heaout the do a ill lelittll chi y inmeso ca los tionso mayou nty wa a .coat eg37 d reeshein ta areand th en te atmper uresllwiti contonue b climto day.lo t ok aesthmbe nufoers r the ek we day eg58 d, reeshi60 ts ek weanend ad were okloating s 70 wiunth se shin nextwe ek.>> a: dan i wit sh igowas ing
8:49 am
'r weine go wg toalk ouarnd town a and tybeau lihike teks weend? urin o l dog uckyhaens be ck piing megal s alonseas, e -- h edpick theonbrancos wd weill e see if his rrco ect.he g cano 3 to 1and gheit. k >> sim: o enthjoy pee sur bo ndwl aey mon mo mndayngorni en wh yokeu wawi up s th uwe 're fe inaturg a 14r--yeanaold med au hstin ae isa lso lo cal ma -wke-aish d kiasand c youan hesee t jusntreceadly h his wi sh lffud.ille asit w o to gisto dney byba! d anovhe les wito sovm, les erroll corsaste w andas tableo t ge obothf e thos bdoneiny gog to ne disrly wod. yo llu wir hea moreouabist th d anhow yocau hen olperth pl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it th e real world. the granotdmr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa.
8:50 am
a student wi athou maintofn de cbt'tanai wt. we can makree palgrros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils wh edo ne it.
8:51 am
>> hi> t msniorng on "today's keta,"up ser bowl 50. we're gearing up for kickoff with a coofokf. and oirur fvest ebyr bal. bow w e're cinountgow dn the best viral videosur bngnip uhe t web. > >>m frotheai dlyw sho t hoer own show, we're live with the new queen beef oat le ghnit, samantha bee. al tlthand aor meom cgin up now. >> annncou: eromfr nbc wsne, isths i "tayod's take," withl a roker, nalatie ramoles,il wlie is gendt aro tamlln hali, fvemro udstioa 1 in rkeocllfeer
8:52 am
snowy fdarimoy inrning new york city. it's february the 5th, 2016. two days before the super bowl. gr ceat rowdouetsid inhi ts heweatr. m i'li wileid insite what n alie andal. mr tason i onss aenignmgat ain th misngornin iew nha irmpshe. ourni morngam j is "smbepteer" by earth,d winnd a fire. ewe'r pnglayit in i myemorf o icmaure white, whod die we dadnes hy atomis he in los leangets a a thefge o 74. ooneef thnd fouingem mbers of is that gre band. >> hefe suf fredromar ponkins's th ase lwot t decades. ey th o areur wtheyouere rsr fiazt pla rf pencorma e in9519. ey thye planud a ombertif mes. is th t is ihemn .2001 he>> trey weik le our hseouan bd reheor f aon lg meti. emi rrembeve e tryimehe tyam ce , in'dtheyy pla"smbepte aer"nd th roe c wwdould aslway go y.craz >> teicrrif. w >>hat aat gre le.gacy asou yis ltenth to e song, yo pu'llblrobaevy ner go to an rothe wngeddire whe they don't pl ay .this adhe hke parn nsoinn's andpp stoed orperf imingn 1994.
8:53 am
rk woingit we h thbandnt u tilhe d. en kithinfng o a himnd his fyamil th is rnmoing. h,eartd winnd a fire,ne of our o rifavote ndbas. avwe hehe t trasfoturab tle da toy. 's itur oer supl bow.look nt pa ahersnd cobrons. >> pa rty. e >> w ahavel fuly part hour .here plcoldnday aey b sonceet to orperftm a lfha.time co ayldplea relsed a v lideo ast weekle cald ym"hn t forhe ek we wend"hichta srs yobence. schriti marpon ske about plcold say's buper powllays and ke jobod aasut lt year's pe marfor bnceyat ky rrpey. >> ll we'ng bri the ssharkut o. 'v wee tedrainm theo s wells thi ar ye. oallurf o ksshar. ft lesh ark,dl mide arshk,ef lt ar shack, bk arshk, twoig rht sh aarkshend tes rerveha srk in acase firstha srk has a pr m.oble hiin wch ,caset' ill be a pepsi
8:54 am
>> r youbeememefr l sthark was e thk talf otheer supl bow last . time oi>> disng h own inthg. he cabeme a lecey.brit er the you .go >> e fam imatmedi ely. >> eedxcitut abo the mega. m caonnewt is t.grea th ouis celd bey pton inmanng's slast.tand la agdy gsa ini opehing tupngs . t >>wihis e ll ban edincrible pe suwlr bo. 50 hii tnk a lot oopf perele a in th,king i is tthe mega t,he od fohe, t acsnks, theal heftim ,showt whais itt thaloyou ve ab suout per wlbo? ,well aro gup ofeo ppleer we edpoll. re mopl peogee ad 18 to0 3ay s theyfe prerhe tom ciamerclso t theua actl ,game %26 to 24%. o. to hii tnkwa it s %23 like the fo od,s a .well co cimmer als. he>> te gamis . down >> i thinks thi gisoing t ao be ea grgat me. ybever iodyois g tngo be wa ngtchis thie gam hayou heve ttl bat oeef th qu rbarte.acks kispeafng ome comlsrcia ghthou,
8:55 am
ithiss aki ssttle ad,ea fngturi enstev tyler. i itstt shagerin ctexpensatio, i th ink. >>ki ssttle rtpo.rait t>>ishat e te o thz, twyeedl ng di. y >>ouen hav'trd heae m ngsi. d ream on >> erhigh. re damn o am dren o >> oh,y m gosh. >>ou yon w'tel bveieha wt jtus pphaeden. ha>> tt note, t nhatote -- >> offhe t ca. mera >>ct exahely tam se meti. >> k loo at isth. h>> iave neveree s -n- ha>> tt iso s irwed. l >>ookt a atth. >> i am in ocshk. ha i evve n sereent than i a tv st udiofobere.
8:56 am
mm coalerci a on bshriti hotv sw st yey erdainmornheg when ty say e thmp proter serhatteds aou y sa w there. th lae gssop pped off whente sven rtyle t hithe .note kthint thald coull reay hn?appe >> no. bu t't ins a esixpenve gag. os theer camas areot n eachp. >> sobe may it. did >>s ourre a nefi. l>>ast t,nighmy jimlo faln nt codinuehe tup ppyl bow ittrad oionisn h owsh. ch eckt i out. l >>et'sel r teasehe pus.ppie hey, gu.ys oh ,w.wo nd lae.slid slland lide,liandsigde rht e.ther ini th'sk itio obvthus, ine wner ar tehe drenve brs.onco i>>'t donw, kno itms seeik le e th pppuies,re the a was me co. back he>> when tiry fst ntwe t,eo th cobrons. yb mahee t gy're toingeao ldn i ftheirst half? e>> w ghthout,ow h do youdo out iepupps? ba .bies
8:57 am
>> ha we ve theab by .bowl we e havul snliva "s"ullyrn ste an d a fvaor team de. nver he>> t sy'reo tecu. lo tok ath em. >> re we' notoi gngo t havehe tm go aingfter bowlsf o bbki les. no>> . wseeho getsth to nde ee zon rs fit, ara cwl cot.ntes > >> ourf cofose, s od i very lapopur. legoogos's mtrc seaheder sup wl bo perecis. mb nuer onhie, ccken dip. mb nutwer o, i.chil ernumbre the, n-severlaye dip. >> rfpe ect. ne>> o of natalie's farivos.te >> t' ions oefy m osgo-t. wit'shat i kema. w >>shat'is th ,al? >> t'shere aat gre e,plac a tgreaes rantaurtow d inntl aanta ll caedte butkrmil tckihen. th eyak mise th paomentes chee dip. ha>> woet gnts i oit? >> i,chil srhairac,ay mo.
8:58 am
w ho doou y g teteo thot btom of a n-severlaye dip? ha>> t mt'sy chngallee. sp>> elleciathy wi the stto.itos >> youee nd a drill,ak ting out a e cor sa.mple th wat's whatvee hado to . >>deabsemilee bloit t geto int .it e'>> worll wkn o it, al. ll i'at e more ofou yr di p. w>>hae ave lotf o wereath to ta lkut abos thi enweekd, >> we .do byhe t y,wa we, of coseur w,tan uyoo to go t fa boce.cok/tomayod ' hweeav are g patzeri. 25 dsay of espriz. th isis , i libeeve, day seven, eccorrt? ik.thin s >>hiometng lthike at. >> ha we ve an trelec soluxteam ke .ttle it te is icrrif.
8:59 am
'r wete a 170.3,00 sepleao g to ce fa.cbookodom/t ay's.take stregiorer f aze pri andik le .us ag n,ais ae w meiontd,neak te yo tureimal wngki up there, my fr ndie. di 'tdnan w ytouo t .trip nt fac.asti ota l ofsn ow. ki mang a lotf o t teaoday if you ha thd at. it is a ssme. fr aomtitlanitc clly a theay w up o int rtpo, lande,mainha we ve vi adessori. il41 m plioneeoplff adecte by .them we g'reoing toat w tchhis st syem. lo esw pr surevedenglopi,in makg it say w off the t.coas if itot g crlosear tow td eheast co wast,e would seevy hea ,snow aiwe sd styey.erda ewe'v seenat rt es a 21 to esinch per.hour sit'stillno swing in y nework toto bosno t pondrtla. nd wits gus at5 3s milehoper ur. it 's a efshavhewey, t,en dse owsn. hiby ts teafn,rnoo itov mes off th eew n endngla c.oast
9:00 am
emaybno soww shliers inngerg st ea hern oalff mahussacs.sett sthealnowflun amotski loong likes. thi e we'rincalmrg fong iincallgor f 7 to 8 isnche in idprov,ence 6o t 9. bo onst, mass, 6 6 >> hanow my ofou yed liks un o's take. vimo ngup.
9:01 am
>> t wha day is it, al? >> frayid. >> at nnaiol wereathonpers y.da al ee n ads hug. we ho thtuge' w gdeiv you time to mp paer. co me on erov. >> new >>as m csagehair for you, .al >> llwe! ok lo at isth. >> s youitac b aknd larex. >> re we'ng goi to help take over wyourereathec forastor f you. 's itng goi to be erdangs.ou >> et gou yr ctousmas mgesa . on >> asfanttic. hayio natnalth wearserpeon day. et>> let's go t it, g >>o eaahd, wi. llie ol>> cond frt pngushi upo t ma ine rehe. >>ha we ve owsn. peer kepi. dyourog erpepp. >> iik le it. >> coban,oo lk whatur od foo de mepartutnt pet togheror f you.
9:02 am
asfanttic. th hiis tsng iki worng its way do nown w. >> o!hell lookout. >> oh ,, ohmy. >> k loonoout w. >> y onlbethe orst fu, yo . al >>s it'ot nve enlu pgged .in >> the bestat nliona at weerherpson day ever. >> an fictastally . done ou>> yjo eny theub r ahend t ba acon,e'nd wllel t ylout' whas ngcomi up next. yo neu kerw h andov l heder on th delyai owsh. ma sa bntha iees . here ow>> h are you? >> llwe. hi,al. >>io natnalth wearserpeon day. >> 'r younae a altionz tretureeasursutreare, >> e have somba con. >> i . will am>> s beein takg theld wor of nlate bighty m.stor 'l weall tok ter ht. nex oimy opi md painatioedic ns makel me feeped stopup! nsmillioop of pere ele aatstim ed feto sufomr fr io opucid-indonsted cioipatn, c,oi ca y used biothe optheyids use to an mchage niroinc pa. c oi dis afeif trente ypof co panstionti. opioids block pain signals,
9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
e th dcitie oubl cashd carscome v inhaery windy asth c h backe ontwicch purases. eancrn o ye when,ou buyd ag anasain ay you p. atthas's cckh ba, nowan shd cak bacn agair.late 's itba cash ck d\j vu. cithe blti doush ce ca ard. onthe d ly car letthatu s yorn eaba cash wiceck tev on ery sepurcha wi whth 1% ben yound uy as 1% pa twiths wo wayn,to earit m aakesf lot ocaother rds oseemedne sid. >> >an sam bthapeee s2nt 1rs yea t onhe daily show with jon arstewt. e shds hol the rdecor as the lo tngesvi serorng conresp odentn th eshow.
9:06 am
tipolindcs are curnt ev,ents in jo tinghe sboy'lu cb of late tnighit wher h new ,show l"ful fr lontah witam saanth" >>an samthabe ooe, gd inmorng. >> nk tha f youavor hing me. m i'it excedbe to er he onr you turfbltae. >> s thixcis egitin tyohat u ve hahe tw. sho pr reessu? u' yolle bnt fro and crente i >>l fee purressn e ithe sense ithatul shoeld fess preure, but m i' notak fre oingut about it. we b'reusyin trygo tut p the showthtogeer, t'shere leittl me ti to let the atynxiebl oom. w ianto tak te theho sw n aownd fr ee. lo ng. it im's toe tth bir it. ec>> b oause wf yhereouom ce ,fromre thel wilbexp etiectaon at th itee fls ait l ltleikehe t il dashy ow. me sat wenor fn joh ivoler. iwhathes tw shong goi tooo l k fand eel?like >> s it'ranatul.
9:07 am
so inmethndg as it' aop tical .show ewe'rak touing tr hoer pokf o dycome andbi jabng ithe w iret ed neos t go. >> , oh s.yike >> mngornis doerd wei tshing to me . t i ihink'md kin ofin takhag tt ba ndll a rngunnih witt in i my n ow ctdire iion, tfhates mak ns see. ki taheng tl bal and rngunnih wit it. >> ssport keli. >>nc broros o hepantrs? ou>> yusr hbandm fro thely dai ow shs , a,wellta sg rtin ohiswn sh ow. he oi's go ng tbeni opeigng r ht rebefo yours? >> . yes lyfami espr.sure rewe a i all onn. tbs he "t urdeto,"ip scrtedil famy co ,medyl wilbe in riapl. th lat'l be my lead inn i riapl. 's it exngciti. c >>inountng or you anhusbd, ri ght? e >> w sareo d.tire g weo td o beat 7:30 ery ni ght. nd>> a throw kids in ,it as we ll.
9:08 am
a ushod.ehol it ou weld b aau lght rio all the me ti, right? e>> wll stiak m eeacher oth la ugh. i nk thi -- ,well i makeas jon ug lah, ayanyw. w >>asho hhe t brette rimateal? >>on jas cshheriees mry eve day. d >>o youla pyor fau l fghsrom th e kids? he>> t cldhinreon d't find us fu annyt th tat'sheat nural r.orde th eey'r notup sd posetoin fud yo rtentengainico or n ol i the t.leas g >> tladrehey'iv l uing tpo it. t inhe o,prom oneth of e lines is ,at wchr oou y're xise st, h whicis nnfuy. 's itr you way of assddreing this g,thinhe s's thenl oyan womit wh e the latht nigk tal owsh. ar oue y iesnterinted atth? i k talo teo ppleik lehe clsea nd ha alerhend tony d'tt wan to ta bolk autt thae sid of it lyreal. es do itat m tter ou?yo t >> i.does nit'sheot tn mais.focu i mean, our sdecon cehoic for a tag ,line wased comy with s,wing
9:09 am
iit'stamporont t me. it ot's n all whatt' ibos a butut it b'lle a barig ptth of e show. i' m in nnwoma ess. ll>> a the atgestion. comeon. t ho kepor. >> i feele likinsingsog a ng, bu t iwo n't. >> masa,nthaar we eki loong arforwod t the owsh. n' caait wtnt u iil bt'lle rt bihed on aymond. ul "flnt froalit wh sthamana e"be pr reemieons mday on tbs. fallon has theup ppyl bow wbutvee hahe t baby .bowl it a's cwlraginal pzaooo teth en wi tllhero bosnc oran perths ba by praievl? we l'lat wch ito gow dn aerft th is. ytever whingell?is than cle l waspoike w! ddit as ed thi othervel leleof citan to . it just kinda like...wiped erev cything.lean 6x c inleang tmyreeeth ang glowith. reey ait so whe. 6x te whining i actually reayllke li s the 2.teps ep 1stcl, nsea st , ep 2s.whiten
9:10 am
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9:11 am
blo hot, oded check sit and. ee.. f got af ever o3.10.. elfehuin' ryng? how 'bout a donut? 'm ilo hot b..i'odedm blhot deoo d! ethe wh'sr it ea 30-y orsld 0-or 3ysda old, axcarml wilaiapprtse i s liin a attle s ut30 mines. and ythenonlyour nc collern wie b w hondto spee ca thsh.
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9:13 am
an sncr:thome areings toocideli sous to.hare ldgo crieny,sp warmflufand ggfy eleo waffs. eggo l'eg my go. w vee ha iepupps, arbes, ma esnatedi pregctin the s uper wl bo. at whut abo esbabi? gh rinot w,ig rht here,ha we ve their fst alnnua "tayod"ho sw ba bywlbo. on fe torhe pthansernd a oneor f the cobrons. we g'reoing tola p entach baby on 5 thear0 y dneli. wh een w blow the tlwhise, e ach osetfar pentsl wilhe corer f th eirab byro fthm e rpeesivct e end 's it t upheo tar pents to get e thab by tora cwl to u.yo fi rst baby toes makt ith to e en d nezo,se clost to mom and sdad' msar, uctoowhd nncdae, nswi. first for team carolina, baby su [ plapseau ] nseve a andf hal msonth d.ol
9:14 am
hwhat yaveoue donto epprare? >> ot l osf s.carb d >> hoese awcrl? e>> wl calt in a army awcrl. legs. >> crawling for team deernv, bybava a atig e mhtthond,s ol e onnd pouea h tvierhehan r mp cooretit. pa s,renthr cnaisti andri bne br yan. i rsundetandt iise sh gis a ood licrawng. >> d goo acrrmy ngawli. >> nupuppssh-u, o?to >> h. yea l >> pet'slace theab biesn o the 50ar yd .line en wh the wlehist blows,e' wll mm coence byab blow 20.16 >> repas,nt cesuttie babs erev. >> ayok. er thee hgo es. >> suy,lls thi y,wa pal. t>>s hiis tiriveng.
9:15 am
>> s!ye oh ,y m gosh. ca en w a get plreay onha tt ay pl? >>,go byba, .go >> oh,y m llgoy. heyw!no >>oo ltk a the ac.tion ul>> s ilysin tryg toe mak a .move h,>> o no. hi>> waych wi do ?go >> sullyms seeor ment iteeres d inav a's ntpares. tei habr to iteak toya . >> come on, eesw tie. my>> , llgoy. >> ev who ceran dab wi.ns i>> tnkhi mbeayf iou y -- oh! >> d he'toesn like it. >> ddbu y,oh, boy. >> re theo's n cg ryinin ot fo!ball go>> , , gogo.
9:16 am
>> i tnkhi we pretty muchav he nruhe tle cabn os thi e.on ink thit' is a draw. >> y' theotre bh adleorab. stcute esbabi. w >>e'lliv geou yh bot- - i think we determined -- y >>noou katw wh weho shauld ve ne do? ke mae sur ctheyould drawlcr awl. ha>> ts t wathe awfl. ou r odpr,ucer ource vin mb lo,ardi way to go. >> youan c srehahe t optr.hy erdiapr s foanyou had dlfpeiars fo ryo u. t>>reheou y go. ig>> bha t tnkseo th ba,biesva a andul sly. >> mi> cop,ng uen d avernd ro calina balett. th e brurge bcuarbee smkdacown. we no khow w t oeat. r after youal locan news d we r.athe rrcacey the erntimet ,di y vide b 3.14thsomemeing sosothing ing.meth .. [ beinep whig,inrr]g gr t eaesarcaal sad! and now the name your price tool
9:17 am
ha is tuet a trry? sto yeah! lepeopy realledo savan ra aveovge of 0er $50 wh heen tchy swit. i meanout abinyou g ventin it.i edinventto the s ry,d ant thisn' ateawhat rttlly ma
9:18 am
>> >ak t aing look at the ad hes.line renew chsearws sho theoo b ster dosef owhthe ooping in, facttheac vcine was only de molyrateec efftiveor f one ayearndvi probyded y ver leittl s.year the udsty's aruthoge sugsts po malicy skersdhoulsi con aderl ivterme e thinvaccnatio ra stestegie likiv ging crehildn co oughut eabrk. e th bodys mas deinr x, oi,bm of tenti cridcize as aoo pr as me ouref alctua hhealtut bow n a study froma uclin fdsha tt 54
9:19 am
es obe or weoverightas bn ed o rthei booemmis are alhethy. th poe reoert gns oo t say the bm isi aer teriblnd ioricat of w ho fiteb som iodys and that a low bmi pnersoou cldua actlly be it que heuny.alth > >>gamortgeer buydd freacie m sa heid tve a rrage oaten a fedix mo gertgaro d tppedo 3.72% this .week avthe e erag oraten a -y15ear d-fixe mrateagortge is .down ll hod ywoosutapersren bll stier nt we toat green lgthso tet g a se alfie tthe lnondore pmier of zo o anzool2.der oohe tisk tht sho at aui gnea re fcordheor t lstonge seelfi st ick. he k toothe photoh witil wl rr faell,ri kstinii wg and oerth
9:20 am
ns fa cheers ed aa eds ed aneguinss of alfici eech red. he>> wen wo g to the os,cars we ou shreld bhaak tcot rerd. a -f29ootel sfie icstk. kei lit. i 'shere theke weend tlouook, ns su uhinedp anow dn the east as cohet, trm stol wilbe a mo mery. wi condy ionditnns i the aiplns, be fuautil in the picacif no esrthwdt an the coralifnia t,coas 78 in losans.gele to owmorr, ndsuay, su!nday we 're lngookit aw snoro aund the ea grket laeas, bulutif wereath on ale g th ceast aoastuglthoh ow shdeers pvelo along the ut soteheasrnan atltic ascot. lofabueaus wtherou thrgh idflora, licaiafornce, nit tha ait'sio natnalth weaer pe'srson day. an red he you .go su boper wl refo,castta san ar clala, cniifora,:0 8m.0 a., ol co, , 48by 003:, sunnynd a mi ld. ertempe atur43.
9:21 am
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9:22 am
comexien grehi cleh witpo rk, ac blk s,beans bitofon bac and ga hernis ws soee liko tis finh it f, of a leittl acgue.amol w >>shat' the key to a good na cho? tisomeevmes hierytndng e usp on top. ou>> ye havoto d it in yelars. w soute p chips, sechee, pork, athenernoth of theam se y andou ke ba w theholehi tng soou ye hav ch aeesehell tay w thh.roug >> nacho sala gna. ye>> ah. a e nic leittlam sple erthe. a niceit ltlepl samehe re. we hoverou yt wan it. s isoha tt's theho nacths wi a li ttle m newoexicre thein erthe. e th inextr s oucobron br.urge avwe hey bonis rgbuers, srlide pa s,ttieke smod plorovone cehees grand eench ile, ie havto re enprest. ee griln che,ke smod pronovole, th s is inbaco i bhtrougm fro my aurest wrantkee ma in ho use. >>er sious n.baco t >>hen all the fis.xing heso t way i do ,it wvee ha teroasdar glic andle chi liao,
9:23 am
avwe hre ou erslid. th neis o ie hav with theks wor w sovee ha ilche,on bac a nd secheell a on e.ther a ltlitet iwill us e,th matoto, on dion,o the xifi ngs. an>> c h i aaveit b oefha tt by ba? u yo may. >>l i'let l al ntco. inue ka>> oaky, me a ssme. >> tcmi,hellha we ve an reintegstin dip. a ol clardre gens dip. >> la colrdre gen dip. nd>> aul pled pork. t>>s hi oisnef oy m vofas.rite go toing ta s artsf i youad h a hdutc enov, s addour cream, cr eam sechee. a >>dylrea edcook. a >>dylrea cd ookeinre theh wit awinend a leittlt salnd a pe .pper onand ouce y fhinis with this uyo jt usdad the claolrden gre in erthe. >> ik i le you sngervith in e a br ead :bowl >> yes, s,yend a the rneasoor f ithats s tohat c youan allctuay ex enperitce ih wita pisre bad or ev enti torllas andf ihayou ve
9:24 am
>> oh, w.wo d an utells a tbouthe bauerbec. >> ttiradilyonal youou wldav he e th onend ay onl salpeci bsri. real ceni. an hed tne w ikickt offh withe t be hist tnge' wve got,hi wsch i o whar we hee, tho w lehog. >> s thi awas whole hog? a >> 40 depounr. so youe hav aic chofe o cedhopp ouor ye hav aho cice of pdulle an hed tnt las but notea lste w have ourhr tee beanak bedis dh wh weich te sauha tt inrb bouon or a leittloo mnne shi toe giv a it leittl . kick >> a leittlor c nd.brea a >>it ltle corn eabrd. >> r all,ighto ser he we go. ri heght e re w thavecio dede. >> ha we ove t cidede? >> llwiie,e w thaveoec dide . this ow>> h w aree sseuppo d to oo chse? >> w cane- - we'reoi gngo t ci dende o theer oth .side -so - butst fir of all, sijo,ah ed ha t ynkou very chmu.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
ght? , wellvei'n beeinwork mg ony sunew erperhveo mo d all ay! we'onre np, sto we'otve g tavehaur oxt e s oikoletripo zerk greefanon yot hgurt5 as 1s gram rozeed addar sug, ze rtro aiaificswl neeeted r an fzero at. d an hzerongoldiba me ck!oi trkos ziple ero.nsbe uabtopp nnm daon y isadour hecong so desteit dy's reaexpl to ode? u yoy bemaud mingdl thro h
9:28 am
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9:29 am
er afton catsult wionsith my ju ,dges the rgbuarer-bebecu sh wnowdoe , therwinn is,ie lads d anntgemele en,dit ml'chels cbarkue rb ba, ecueh nortlicarona. >> wa it fas tintasc. >> racongtitula ons. oh>> ! >> weilli and nae,tali very im sipresve. >> ng colaratus.tion btheyothe wer tsouintandg. >> inamazg. i ad ho t tastet tes also, and i re agite weh th ch. oice 's let t gete o th olistef th vbest viralsideoth of e ntmoh. a we skedyou,he t oppele,o t fvoteheor t stbe. me ti t forouhe cdonterwn. >> ha we ve aliit wh .us i ov lhie ts gmseent. it 's the best oef th best. t,firsha we ve a steve hyarve vi deo. we e lov the babyde genr vereal
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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ke ta a look. >>oh! >> s it' a girl. >> iet gt i >> usgeni. p >>yrett .cool >> pl peooe ds thi t allhe time. me co uthp wigi imavenatis wayf o no anngunci. it 's itic top aalt thee sam time. >> tl lite cruel. ioemot rnalrolle cor.aste le gt'soo tn a uaunusl wot.rkou t'>> is the end of jay,nuar and ev oderybyfo rgot theymi prosed ey tho'd gth to e gym. is th h guyasit ,he tis invible gy m. ke ta it anywhere you want. go outside, super lightweight and no problem. this isag a micalra ftenk srprteanksonr youtube. you see the confusion on people's faces as he's defying gravityh withi ts ilonlusi. d >>ouo yno k twheec sret? >> io d but i'dik lego to back toin sayg innothg. >> ai fr ouengh.
9:31 am
ru st tggleuto pir the new bsabie to p.slee ea grt lbyulla devi.os emaybs thiil wlk. wor >> s thiid veo isti melng hseart ro achess twe b. 's it on theia pno anchnel. yo anu c see theia p anohend t ar beutd, b it'sll a about 5 nt moldh o sa.muel ahadarn e feinnctiond a dncoulet't g to sleep. he ye plad brsahm' lllu aby. ro>> pmises i h you taveo an trtspor they babo tthe ,crib un ylessetou l they bable sep th foere urr hos. ve i'n bee e.ther w >>e've aedrriv at thebe num r one video as voted by the vi s.ewer w>>ee lik toe jok the inettern atis c devios. abador kleteitnet gngti tid.ckle ha ! is th w ishere pctroduyivit in icameroea gs to zero.
9:32 am
is th w ishahat sppenn whe you ti mckley mmtuy,so al. >> nae,tali try it. w >>e'll letr youif w veouchor f th at. al hai, tounk yo s >> my pleasure. >> he> ri t teswio ovn er les sl leie nnma in "ho bw toe le."sing l we'lk to tale jakftlacy aer .this mmmm mmmm mm lamm, ughter mm mmmm, m mm mmmm, m! , mmmmmmm mmmmmm, m , mmmmmmm mm mm mm mmai, yoplt ertha e's r,lighteie fluffyr waevfor teryoney o enjokgreertyogu. pl yoeeait grwhk 100 ips! wif iatas ehoing upt soit t justsstarin achg an sd its tartngachie lik eeso dthp wihein tth toot thai co 'tuldndl han.e it st i d artengeatili on ke on dee simy of th mou,
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> >>e jakac ly cobeming ywhollsood' -tgoofr boy.iend ristarnng a ingring oitppose lngeadi la ,diesoo ryne rama l andbuena n mha - du- . nham >> a look at how his career took f.of >> reporter: jake lacy got a kbrea in2012, playing peet ll miner i"t he ofcefi." >> i willui b ald leittlap per house. >> or rep iter:st wa 2015he wn jake's career started toat cch fi .re he landed a rolen o shbo' "girls" asa len du'snhame lov in terest. >> should weet g drinks tonight or atwh?
9:37 am
st tuar-s hddedayolid ,film"l ove th e opco"ers. b>>e my bfroyndie for one ni >> no y.wa >> we need to feigur out how lo e'ng weeve bgen to. ther r>>orepr:ten i2016,s he' ristarng asilongde cate bl etanchd t aneyroona marin "c olar." >> what? te ll . me >> y.sorr ha i ve to go. ep>> rteor ar: hndse'ac bk in tetheahirs tons mthth in neew mo e,vi ow"h to be ngsile." >> ch.eers ho tly,shat' a lecand. >> e jak isit wh .us od go inmorn g,man. go o od tsee you. yo>> su, a llwe. an thorks fin havg . me >> youen tod ty pla the good guy bo enyfrierd, vy bllikae. 'r weoie gong t try toet g a li lette edg y toou y,toda ?okay >> , yeaht.grea y >>neour moxt yvie,eou'rng goi to be a aivilln. >> ah ye. my agent was like,o n mratte ,what w weillet g aat bon,om se apwe ionnou yr ,handtl lite rudestn,ctiofi re, thsomeing. >> tl litee mor ofhe t bad y?bo
9:38 am
da toy. >>y ver nice. >> tl litlae bckle r.athe i >> wt'sdorkeor f u.yo me co ,on youet ghe t lngeadi la .dies veyou'ha sred kngissine sces th wi. >>amg,azin i'ven bee rtfoatune. 14 r--yea joldakes i keli, .yeah d weid it. we 're here. n>> os thi vimo ye, woursorld ll coide. in ow "hbe to ngsile,"ou y're wi th le eslinnma,he tif w e of ls"gir"xe evecuti ucprod jer,udd at apow. ho w dhaid t ot gover? >> we met early .on wa i uss jtin comng oo t the ecprojndt a's she so veloly. s we ahotnder latth in e mmsuer, i owasn ls"gir." wa ngtchi the tomonir,eo somne el sse i sinhootd g an wjuddas ne o xt tndme ake li,oo g sd toee u yor undeerbett cistrcums.ance i waskeli i,sry evebody ?okay w heas keli, my wife, kngissi my wi fe.
9:39 am
ey the werke li, llroing. t>>hen you ceduddlp u with . judd >>ou y andd jud- - >> ,oh yeah. wthis-as - lenaas wgg snu ling withud jd and w ias thenl oy pe nrson texteo th bed. i outh tght,ishis rd weier if i t.don' bi tggespo son th ere. t'>> isre pttyrd wei e.ther >>.yeah tyouhink tshat'he tl coo part, th t en i rwasealwa awkrd rebefo. >>. wow ls>> a o inol"car t"his year. it ee's bn ara czyd gooea y fror yo u. no teminaord far oscs and ev hierytlsng ee. to me,ha tt's ale whoer oth di iomensorn fr youre caer. we ke tal adut abo the youei bng th ooe guyd g yfbod,rien but is th noat a sthertepor f fwardor you? >> .yeah si waor honedo t abet parf o it . ve ha iitnfinees rpect for todd d antheie mov thathe ty eacrted. n'i doowt kn, i cn'ould mt beore no ho aredndra gltefube to a pa rt of it. y >>eou'v had aea rlha cedrm ca ,reer itee sms like,n i the
9:40 am
w ho hhardas itak ten you toet g hito ts point? >> iee fl like'm ihe tuc ltkies ikiden th world. th arere ect aors outhe t wreho ha ve to have theer teriblob js th at iad h forh mucon l tgerhan i hado te hav . them ha>> w tt'she worst job you d?ha >> i oncens adwere an ad off cr saig't lis toe b akg bacd roun r acto ein atissenallyde stunt fi lm. pr edomis 00$1. i sat in a fngoldi chair for 12 ho ursand,t a the end, was keli, ca n i --he tey mon rehe? rea cuyw gik le pdulle out his wa alletnde gave m 5.$1 at th's it. i was,like ayok. t'>> iske wordut o ayok. >>,yeahha tst wate sp one. >>te s opne tino be ag an. ctor e'>> wetll g a youpo weaorn f e th nexte.movi tgrea toee mt you. ha>> tnk you. >> ow"ho tbe sileng"s in i theatersex nt ntmoh.
9:41 am
fifi > >>d goo mog.rnin lyouiked the s buperowl rtpay? >> .yeah ll i'e hav one iny m home. >> re we'ng goi topa prere you r for youer supl bow party. la dynl wilbe l iivenan s an frocisc for s buperowl 50. we h'llelp p youlanr you rtpay. so memetihes, tre's fancyna s ckss yoand u're,like i am notng doi th at. >> right. t >>rust ,me yeou'r going to iliket on saayturd. we 'lle makou yoo lk like an inamazfog llotbaou, y know,f che co ssnnoieur, niingeous. we a'lllsoe hav our ownsi veron of theup ppy .bowl lwe'le hav a lotf o funn o rdsatuay. >> ns tur outet btern tha our baby. bowl d>> itidn' see it. >> wl cra ringaceut by theid dn't l.craw >> twehey re .cute cu stte bieabs. it winsll a ar.ound ut>> ce ch.eeks wh orat moe d you need? t'>> is fr.iday >> >>eishe,nell h aaved goo ek weend. se oue yor tomrow mog.rnin > >>in compg ut nex here,od ha
9:42 am
ne ws. ro fm nbc news tishis od "t way"ithat klehie ffe giord d an haod tbko. veliro fmtu sodi 1a in rockefeller plaza. h >> ieret .is er>> h ie its. i itids frfeayrybrua, 5th .2016 je bnnaush hager fngil in for iekath e.le at th's sugar. o s fly >>nc fraisco s.yate we li're twke ins.
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